public policy

Tri-City Community Action Program, Inc.

Malden, MA

The primary mission of Tri-CAP, Inc. is to work with all sectors of the community to prevent continuation and development of conditions which cause poverty or come as a result of people living in poverty. Tri-CAP seeks to educate public and policy makers regarding the causes and conditions which stem from, create and perpetuate poverty. Tri-CAP will advocate for and provide services, which create positive, measurable changes in the quality of life of low-income people living in Malden, Medford, and Everett, and other local communities. The agency recognizes and encourages the active participation of the low-income community in all phases of program planning and implementation.

Collins Center for Public Policy, Inc.

Miami, FL

The Collins Center, named in honor of Governor LeRoy Collins (served 1955 – 1961), was established in 1988 as a statewide nonprofit organization to seek out creative, non-partisan solutions to Florida’s toughest issues. Throughout our history, we have strived to uphold the principles maintained by Governor Collins– public and private integrity, deliberative democracy, environmental stewardship and economic fairness.

While we conduct comprehensive and quality public policy analysis, what makes the Collins Center unique is our desire to see changes in public policy implemented. To take an active role in putting these changes to the test. According to Collins Center president Rod Petrey, “We don’t just study problems and write position papers. We actually implement pilot projects and experimental programs to determine how our resolutions to problems will work. Then we’re able to share this information so others can use the knowledge.”

Since 1988, we have focused on many problems that have changed the lives of Floridians and impacted state policy.

We have heard Floridians speak with great passion about their voting rights and the importance of knowing their vote counted.
We have seen looks of relief on the faces of homeowners when they were able to reach a settlement with their insurance company following a life-threatening hurricane.
We have witnessed young men from Overtown give testimony before congressional representatives in Washington on the critical impact men’s health care has on low-income neighborhoods.
We have awarded small businesses and other organizations for new and creative ways to protect the environment while maintaining economic success.
We have received heart-felt thank you letters from people who received much needed medical attention through the efforts of our Community Health Workers.
We have worked in the Overtown community, just north of downtown Miami, to begin new development that will provide residents with new housing options, new job opportunities and a positive step toward returning this historic neighborhood to a vibrant community.
We have established a mortgage foreclosure mediation program to help resolve disputes between homeowners and their mortgage lenders, allowing many families to stay in their homes.

The 36th Annual Community Radio Conference

June 1, 2011 - June 4, 2011
San Francisco, CA

The National Federation of Community Broadcasters (NFCB) is a national alliance of stations, producers, and others committed ti community radio. NFCB advocates for national public policy, funding, recognition, and resources on behalf of its membership, while providing services to empower and strengthen community broadcasters through the core values of localism, diversity, and public service.

Transmission Project