"STAR Center" Volunteer Coordinator

VISTA Name: 
Denise Meise
Program Start: 
Program End: 
Project Description: 

The STAR Center’s VISTA project for community organizing and development has been successful. Denise Meise has been a very valuable addition. Ms. Meise took on the duties of recruiting, coordinating, and recognizing volunteers.

Project Outcome: 

Denise worked closely with the STAR Center staff, clients, stakeholders, and volunteers to update our volunteer handbook, develop a list of volunteer opportunities, and revise our procedures and processes for volunteers. She helped plan and host a volunteer appreciation luncheon for over 300 guests in October 2006. During the holidays Denise assisted as we thanked our supporters with fruit baskets and homemade fudge that our volunteers made. In addition to her coordination of the volunteer program, Mrs. Meise also took an active role in the Development/Fundraising department. She assisted with three summer fundraisers which will gave her the opportunity to be involved with all aspects of planning and executing an event for up to 8,000 participants. Ms. Meise was involved with the filming of the new STAR Center video and was able to see the process from conception to finished product. At the end of her first year of service Mrs. Meise became a VISTA leader as part of the STAR Center’s new Building Together VISTA project.

For our annual KidsFest Event Mrs. Meise recruited over 300 special event volunteers who provided an additional 920 hours of volunteer service. They assisted with the set-up, execution, and break down of the event. Through the volunteers efforts the STAR Center was able to raise over $65,000 and hold a fun family event for our community.

Volunteer Recruitment Staff Training Manual,


This staff training manual, created by Laura Benack for, is designed to orient a new staff member to why volunteers are important to mission, how they are utilized, where are they recruited, and has examples language for posting volunteer advertisements. volunteers provided $900,000 of in-kind donations in 2009.

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