Where did you get that bright and shiny digital literacy?

Recent policy papers call for the support of community digital literacy providers, including community-based organizations, but there is little appreciation for the variety and richness of these organizations’ work. The Aspen Institute and Knight Foundation’s “Digital Literacy: A Plan of Action” admits there is “little awareness of programs and services in digital and media literacy education,” and recommends the mapping of community digital and media literacy resources.

CTEP another example of service in support of digital literacy

TECHdotMIN published an article about the Community Technology Empowerment Project (CTEP) in the Twin Cities, Minnesota.

Visualizing 10 years of impact

Transmission Project Size and Scope Infographic

Digital Literacy Corps Resource Roundup

Digital Arts Service Corps: It's for you

A national service consensus on capacity building

In addition to being native to the islands of public media and technology, the Transmission Project is also a bright star in the constellation of national service initiatives. Over the past few months we have been participating in stakeholder dialogues with the Corporation for National Community Service on the topic of capacity building in nonprofits.

National Conference on Volunteering and Service

June 28, 2010 - June 30, 2010
New York NY

The 2010 conference, taking place June 28-30 in New York City, comes at a time of unprecedented need and momentum for service. As the economic downturn puts more Americans at risk, service is needed more than ever to meet our national challenges. The Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act has set the stage for a new era of expansion, innovation and impact for the service movement. Come learn how to seize this momentum and engage citizens in solving problems and making lasting change in your communities.

National Conference on Volunteering and Service, 2010

June 28, 2010 - June 30, 2010
New York City

Guide: Service Corps to Social Impact Career

Amy Potthast of just released a new guide for service corps members who wish to transition to a career in nonprofits. The guide is a free download and a companion to their Idealist Guides to Nonprofit Careers.

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