CTC assistance

MAAC Project
VISTA Name: 
Ming Louie
Program Start: 
Program End: 
Project Description: 

Goal 1: Resident use of computer labs will increase substantially among both adults and youth.
Goal 2: Resident use of technology for community building and communication will increase substantially.
Goal 3: Public and private sector resources will enable the project to continue after Members leave.

Project Outcome: 

• Completed a prototype of the new website for MAAC

• Started the implementation of the production version of the new web site.

• Presented a preview of the web site to MAAC’s management team

• Worked with Community Development staff on various GIS projects, including the Barrio Logan and single family & affordable housing research

• Help the new CTC Coordinator at Laurel Tree in a transitional capacity
• Submitted a grant application to Las Patronas for a digital storytelling project for MACC. If the project proposal is accepted, the funding valued at $14,8000 will be used to purchase multimedia workstations and video camcorders for the CTC.
• Started the implementation of the new website.
• Initiated the contact with the Waitt Foundation regarding future co-operative GIS projects.
• Worked with the Single Family Housing Initiative at MAAC Project to insure accuracy of data on Barrio Logan/ Logan Heights
• Geocoding of property locations in National City and Barrio Logan/ Logan Heights.
• Assisted with an application to NeighborWorks for MAAC Project to become an affiliate
• Researched data on sale and price of properties for a affordable homeownership plan
• Assisted Revitalization Director with survey design.

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