CTC Assistance and Training

VISTA Name: 
Alison Hale
Program Start: 
Program End: 
Project Description: 

The goal of this roject is to provide technology and technology related services to low-income families so they obtain better educational opportunities and higher paying jobs. Specific outcomes include:

- Increasing the amount of basic and advanced and basic technology classes being offered at the El Batey Community Technology Center

- Enhancing services provided to teenagers and youth

- Wiring the first 400 housing units in Villa Victoria with Internet access via cable modem

- Providing these families with a computer and printer

- Creating the Wide Area Network

To this end, the VISTA member will act as Program Coordinator and will work as a team with tech center staff to

- Develop and coordinate training programs

- Research and apply appropriate curricula

- Ensure the efficient operation of the CTC by preparing and publishing monthly activity schedules, coordinating volunteers and trainers, providing trainer orientation, scheduling maintenance and repairs, coordinating technology upgrades and program expansion.

- Supervise activities hosted at the center

- Ensure that computers and other technologies operate smoothly, that upgrades are performed, that anti-virus and other security systems are implemented, and that machines are respected by the program participants and end-users

- Enforce Technology Center rules and policies

- Help network the community

Project Outcome: 

Alison began to organize a youth web magazine: assembled a group of teenage editors to run the magazine, began their training, secured the support of various branches of the organization and began to build partnerships with other organizations who could provide training or other services.

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