CTC Outreach and Implementation

Byte Back
VISTA Name: 
Murel Carmichael
Program Start: 
Program End: 
Project Description: 

Byte Back needs VISTA assistance to meet the following goals:
1) Better community service through better information and outreach: VISTA workers will assist us with Community Mapping and community Outreach to determine modifications to services at existing CTC’s and the location of additional CTC’s
2) Definition and documentation of the methods, the curriculum, and the effectiveness of the Byte Back model, the Technology Expert Organization (TEO), so that others may benefit from this success.
3) Establishing a sustainability program so that Byte Back is not reliant on grants for continued existence and service.”

Project Outcome: 

While actual canvassing of the local neighborhood was fruitful for relationships in our home neighborhood, networking with other organizations was more effective when we were exploring territory that was new to us. We have provided assistance to many new organizations and this assistance ranges from extensive and on-going to brief and by request.

VISTAs helped shape Byte Back’s future through the information gathered in community mapping and other outreach activities. Although we initially thought computer sales and fees for specific tasks might provide sustainability for Byte Back, our understanding the needs of the non-profit community changed through community mapping and attending or leading events and focus groups. We found that many local non-profits had little idea how to meet their technical needs economically, and also needed assistance integrating program and technical planning. Often they relied on irregular volunteers or expensive consultants. Because of these needs revealed through our outreach programs, we have developed a Tech Gap Working Group which is redirecting our efforts towards the providing of planning and services.

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