Education Specialist

VISTA Name: 
Sara McCoy
Program Start: 
Program End: 
Project Description: 

To coordinate the program designed for expanding and sharing Internet access in the community; assist in developing computer/Internet educational programs for school and community use. To provide setup and management of computers in the community; work with the senior citizen mentor program to provide ongoing training and model life-long learning and proved access to the Internet in the home through a computer loan program. Work with and provide leadership to other staff members who assist with the KCnet Computer/Internet Education Program.

Tasks may include, but are not limited to, teaching, creating news releases, reports and charts pertaining to current and projected program, assistance with 5-year business plan, maintenance of the member database and daily contact with program participants.

Project Outcome: 

Coordination of educational program. Increased attendances and increased class income from $3,200 to $8,000 per year.

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