IT Support and Consulting

VISTA Name: 
David Crist
Program Start: 
Program End: 
Project Description: 

• Work with Lowell Community Technology Consortium member sites to develop their technical support systems (i.e. documentation, system recovery, anti-virus updates, etc.)
• Visit Consortium member sites on a regular basis to train and coach on-site staff and volunteers in PC maintenance and support
• Encourage Consortium member sites to expand upon their current IT infrastructure and incorporate additional mechanisms (i.e. LANs, websites, integrated databases) into their day-to-day operations
• Organize and coordinate materials that represent “best practices” or model programs happening at various member sites while assisting in the documentation of current work

Project Outcome: 

David has been providing support to LTC and other Consortium sites on an ongoing basis and has provided guidance to interns looking to build concrete hands - on skills.

In addition to providing technical support, David has also provided assistance and coordinated the purchase of equipment for Consortium partners engaged in media-education activities

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