Online eLearning Tools for Farmers Development

VISTA Name: 
John Dorman
Program Start: 
Program End: 
Project Description: 

Widespread access to computers among socially disadvantaged farmers has expanded opportunities to provide educational materials online. The New Entry website is currently used to post information about our training programs and resource guides. We have not yet tapped the potential of this site to connect with broader audiences for outreach and training through distance learning.

Optimal learning for farmers takes place through visual and interactive processes. Development of enhanced digital media is currently an important New Entry priority for both training and outreach purposes in order for our program to expand. As a result, the VISTA Member will manage all aspects of developing digital media in three main areas: online courses, webcasts, and video clips.

Goal #1 – Convert Six On-line Courses from Written to Digital Media
Goal #2 - Development of Three Webcasts
Goal #3 – Develop Video Clips for Low-Literacy Population in Areas of Outreach
Goal #4 – Evaluation of Process

Project Outcome: 

In addition to completing most of the assignments originally envisioned for John’s year with New Entry, John completed assignments which went well beyond the stated goals in the original proposal. In addition to the three workshop videos to be included in the online curriculum, John developed a Seedling Training video for on-line curriculum use.

The sustainability of John’s contributions will remain significant, well into the future. In addition to developing solid working curriculum for on-line use, John developed important foundations upon which New Entry curriculum can expand. John established a formula for production of workshop videos, on-line curriculum videos, and Farmer-to-Farmer Moments. This formula will be repeated with each new video which is produced into the future. John also converted our lending library of VHS tapes into DVDs to both extend the shelf life of the videos and make them available to clients with DVD players. John also participated in outreach activities and made important partnerships throughout the area.

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