Technology Planning

VISTA Name: 
Erik Milosevic
Program Start: 
Program End: 
Project Description: includes search-able directory of social service providers and the services that they provide. The principle advantage has over other sites is that dedicated staff is not required to keep the site up to date. The process for reminding organizations to update their records is largely automated.

Erik completed Leslie Koplow’s graphic design, worked with David Siegal on the search engine and worked with Felicia Sullivan in integrating a community calendar and tidying up various templates.

Erik also contributed to

- Completing Incremental Backups
- Refine Use of Visitors Reports
- Implement New Website Design
- Formstore Configuration File Generation
- Mapping Configuration File To An Array
- Webmail HVHUB Banners

Project Outcome: had a plain design emphasizing casual pictures of people in my old MCSE classes. Erik’s graphic redesign, while not so flashy as to be hard to use, has a smoother, more worldly look.

Other improvements to the look of our site included:
• the random display logos and pictures from our sponsors.
• A RSS feed from slashdot. (headlines)
• XHTML 1.0 compliance.

Transmission Project