NTIA Broadband Proposal Application Data Spreadsheet

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BroadbandUSA.gov offers a searchable database of BTOP and BIP applications that have been made for broadband funding as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. But if spreadsheets are more your speed, you can download one below (sorted by date):

BroadbandUSA_Apps_11-10-09.xls1.31 MB
BroadbandUSA_Apps_11-30-09.xls1.43 MB
BroadbandUSA_Apps_1-27-10.xls1.85 MB
BroadbandUSA_Apps_2-1-10.xls1.85 MB
BroadbandUSA_Apps_2-22-10.xls1.84 MB
BroadbandUSA_Apps_3-7-10.xls1.89 MB
BroadbandUSA_Apps_7-6-10.xls.zip778.56 KB
BroadbandUSA_Apps_9-20-10.xls.zip790.67 KB
BroadbandUSA_Apps_1-28-11.xls.zip792.16 KB


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