Member's Survey

Access Humboldt

A Member’s Survey form created by corps member Sam Kaplan.

The results (of the survey) will help us (Access Humboldt) determine the following: A) how to improve our courses, equipment rentals, production services, and available software; B) what other courses, equipment rentals, production services, and software to offer to members.”

Outreach Documentation Blog

Squeaky Wheel

Corps member Goda Trakumaite describes her Outreach Documentation Blog: “I keep a detailed record of every outreach event I do on this password protected blog accessible to the whole office. Along with some photos documenting the event and a reflection of how it went, who attended, what worked and what did not work, I upload all materials that were either used for or produced during the event. That way anyone can replicate a particular presentation while also making the changes that I might suggest making in the reflections.

Digital Story Archiving

VISTA Name: 
Patrick Castrenze
Program Start: 
Program End: 
Project Description: 

CDS has on archive over 6000 digital stories, the largest archive of digital stories in the world representing 16 years of work, and we continue to capture as a national/international organization more than 800 stories per year. The archival system has evolved slowly over the last decade, we can identify the location of the vast majority of stories by the workshop name and date, but we lack a robust system of managing the stories based on meta-data tags and client name. To secure the archive for future generations we need to maintain a robust system, and enhance its capabilities. The capacity to fully integrate effective archival practices into all of our workshops and post-production processes is an invaluable contribution to the field.

We are seeking a CTCVISTA member to help develop our Archive and Post Production Technical Support systems. This work would include:
Reviewing existing archive project and systems, research comparable systems in other organizations: enhancing and developing database systems for our movie archive; enhancing and developing post-production systems for managing participant data, update materials for post production process and software tutorials, DVD and Website templates for publication; developing model research/curatorial projects for each initiative process using archive as basis for examining relevant issues in connection to poverty.

The CTC Vista will work with the Supervisor/Technical Director to further develop and enhance two major systems of our organization, the CDS story archive and CDS Post-Production system

The tasks will include:
1. Review existing archive project and systems, research comparable systems in other organizations
2. Enhance and develop database systems for our movie archive.
3. Enhance and develop post-production systems for managing participant data
4. Develop model research/curatorial projects for each initiative process using archive as basis for examining relevant issues in connection to poverty.

Project Outcome: 

Principal Task: Archive.
Accomplishments: Research best/appropriate RAID system for CDS archive of story data. Arranged for purchase of system. Migrated data onto new system. Met all deadlines. Research and purchasing assistance from Apple Certified Support Professional, Clinton Gilbert. Migration assistance from Jennifer Nazzal, CDS Post Production Supervisor. Needs analysis and design of custom organizational system to accommodate over 8TB of story data covering over 10 years of various types of Digital Storytelling workshops and projects conducted around the world. Set-up, installation and troubleshooting of dedicated computer station to operate the RAID. Review and organization of over 8TB of story data into custom system. Collection and integration of additional data from 4 Field office staff members. Creation of record of files for review purposes. Creation of multi-chapter guide for institutional use of the RAID system and data management. Training of staff and interns for continuation of RAID maintenance. Archive intern selection and management overseeing data entry by archive interns during May-July.

Additional Archive Task: CDS Online Story Theater.
Accomplishments: Organized existing data and back-end of Theater. Compiled new submission form for CDS Staff to submit entries to Theater. Compiled new stories and associated data and added to Theater. Participated in promoting new stories in CDS quarterly newsletter. Creation of mulit-chapter guide for institutional use of the Online Story Theater platform and back-end data management. Training of staff and interns for continuation of Story Theater.

Patrick also undertook a complete proof-reading of our book entitled Digital Storytelling: Capturing Lives, Creating Community. This task included revisions on nearly every page of the book as well as considerable copy-editing of our new revised curriculum chapter: The Seven Steps of Digital Storytelling.

Research and Technology VISTA

Prometheus Radio Project
VISTA Name: 
Katie Ingersoll
Program Start: 
Program End: 
Project Description: 

The VISTA will assist Prometheus Radio Project in researching and evaluating data to better understand the current regulatory landscape in the world of community radio.

First, the VISTA will survey stations and review FCC data to create a “snapshot” of the regulatory landscape for community radio in 2011. Issues addressed may include encroachment from full power stations, interference from digital radio signals, anticipated new eligibility requirements for low power stations, and the impact of rule changes surrounding the relative priority of low power stations and translators. The snapshot will inform out advocacy, helping us to prioritize our efforts and support our statements to the FCC. Documents produced by the VISTA will be made available to other media justice organizations, to better inform their work in field of public media and technology.

Second, the VISTA will launch a new effort to involve stations in their own regulatory advocacy by developing and promoting an “FCC Comment Tool” and related resources, such as a guide to FCC participation and an online forum on regulatory advocacy. Together, these efforts will support an informed and active community radio sector.

Website Design and Analysis

VISTA Name: 
Caitlin Flint
Program Start: 
Program End: 
Project Description: 

The Corps member would be working directly to collect data, conduct analysis, research innovations, and provide recommendations on how to enhance and improve The corps member’s role would be to gather and analyze user feedback and comments, provide responses and information to user questions, collect and promote stores form communities on the ground, and brainstorm and think through ways to improve and enhance trainings and structure of to increase usability and accessibility.

Pangea Foundation

San Diego, CA

As the nonprofit leader in SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) impact measurement and reporting services, Pangea Foundation equips impact-driven nonprofits across America with easy-to-learn and easy-to-use Web-based Software-as-a-Service that lets organizations clearly visualize and effortlessly communicate the impact of their programs. We fuse your live data with sophisticated visual analytics to give you Impact Reports that pack more punch, eliminate ambiguity, and make you look professional.

Healthy City/Advancement Project

Los Angeles, CA

Healthy City is an information + action resource that unites community voices, rigorous research and innovative technologies to solve the root causes of social inequity.

Healthy City is a project of Advancement Project, an innovative civil rights law, policy, and communications “action tank” that advances universal opportunity and a just democracy for those left behind in America.

The first of its kind in the country, our team consists of authorities in public policy, research, technology, planning and data analysis. We provide the public sector with actionable information such as data, maps, and service referrals through our easy-to-use online platform. Healthy City also partners directly with organizations to develop targeted strategies that fuel social change.

Our on-line platform,, increases access to data to help people working on the ground get accurate information about services as well as various demographic, health, and service data.

Our Community Research Lab portrays another side of Healthy City, providing the additional tools necessary to use data and research to create change. Launching in May, the Lab offers direct training and workshops to organizations and community leaders in Los Angeles County to improve their research capabilities and capacity.

2009 Constituent Data


A document detailing 2009 constituent data. Prepared by corps member Bill Brown.

FutureEverything 2010 Conference

May 12, 2010 - May 15, 2010

We are excited to introduce the FutureEverything conference programme for 2010, our best and most ambitious yet. We are delighted to present the world’s best speakers under our conference themes of ImagineEverything, Unlimited Connectivity, Open Data and The City Experiment.

BTOP Data and News

We’ve been fervently tracking the BTOP (Broadband Technology Opportunity Program) awards process: 1st round winners are slowly dribbling out while the 2nd round application deadline looms a month away.

Transmission Project