The CTC VISTA Project has a new name

BOSTON - The CTC VISTA Project has a new name: The Transmission Project. For 9 years the Project has amplified the use of media and technology within more than 100 non-profit organizations and through 300 members volunteering across the country. While diverse in their missions, the Project’s partners all have one thing in common: their use of media and technology to challenge social and economic inequality in communities.

With a new name, the Transmission Project more strongly emphasizes building capacity for equitable and effective use of public media and technology. To facilitate this, a newly created Digital Arts Service Corps recruits AmeriCorps*VISTA members to further develop our nation’s public media and technology infrastructure. These full-time volunteers are serving with community radio stations, media arts and technology centers, rural broadband internet initiatives and others seeking to empower their community through the use of media and technology.

By creating a Digital Arts Service Corps, the talents and organizing skills of committed volunteers can be harnessed to connect people across online communities and amplify America‚Äôs independent media voices and visions. Community-driven teams will design tools, social networks and online environments that bolster and stimulate community-building and participation. They will work with information technology specialists and independent media makers to democratize the next generation of broadband and information access.

The launch of the Digital Arts Service Corps marks a new strategic collaboration with the National Alliance for Media Arts & Culture (NAMAC). Together, the Transmission Project and NAMAC hope to advance a movement that integrates national service, public digital infrastructure construction, capacity building for nonprofits and innovative uses of the technological arts in public and community-based organizations.

Housed at the College of Public and Community Service at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, the Transmission Project and its new initiative, the Digital Arts Service Corps, is a grantee of the Corporation for National and Community Service.


I was really excited to hear about CTC last year, but if memory serves me correctly, the project I talked to wasn’t interviewing until June. It seems odd that the deadline was last week for this year.

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