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As a Digital Arts Service Corps member serving at Transmission Project HQ, one of my roles is to conduct research on emerging trends in the public media and nonprofit fields – hopefully to the benefit of other Corps members and the Transmission Project’s partner organizations alike. For ten years, the Transmission Project has recruited one-year Americorps*VISTA members (VISTAs) into its Digital Arts Service Corps and placed them with community-based media organizations in support of an explicitly-defined capacity building project. It is my goal to share some of our knowledge and experience here.

This week I discuss the increasing popularity of Salesforce among nonprofits and delve into both the situations that have enabled past VISTAs’ successes and the setbacks that have hindered them in implementing this new platform. The article is listed under resources & artifacts and can also be downloaded from attachments, below.

Finally, I would like to thank those who contributed to the ariticle’s creation.
- Marc Baizman, Nonprofit Technology Consulting
- Billy Brown, Transmission Project
- Stephen Jordan, UTEC
- Nick Szuberla, Appalshop

I do hope the article is of help. If you have questions after reading, please contact me,

Howie Fisher @ The Transmission Project
VISTA member
(617) 287 - 7152

Transmission Project - The VISTA and the Database.pdf349.58 KB


Marc, a newer version is now available that includes a section dedicated to our contributors. Thanks for the suggestion and for all your help with the article.

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