Access Humboldt

Eureka, CA

Local voices through community media – engage, connect, educate.

Our Vision (as outlined in the Strategic Plan) is to establish Access Humboldt (AH) as an innovative, self-sustaining and trusted media resource for residents of Humboldt County, to reach diverse community members who will utilize local media access resources to engage in meaningful conversations that increase participation in civic life, to support and enhance digital media production as a growing industry that supports a continually improving quality of life, and to enable North Coast residents to be among the most media literate people in the world – sharing new ideas and advanced methods to empower local voices for significant positive impact on society.

AH is committed to providing access to communication tools for all residents of Humboldt County regardless of geography, income or skill level. This principle overrides all of the programs of AH. These programs include the operation of four television channels on the local cable line-up, production equipment & facility use for creation of digital media, public computers for development and distribution of digital media, and classes & workshops in the creation, development, distribution and archiving of digital media.

AH is a founding partner in Digital Pathways, a digital media training project committed to developing sustainable training, skill-sharing and workforce development services in collaboration with the Bay Area Video Coalition, the County Workforce Investment Board, the Northern California Indian Development Council and local education institutions. Digital Pathways provides media production vocational skills and practical work experience opportunities for at-risk youth.

Supported Projects

Media Literacy Analysis and Curricula Development

Sam Kaplan

The Corps member will survey the constituents of Access Humboldt, analyze the data, incorporate these key elements into our programs and curricula, and increase the awareness of the available resources.

As a result of the Corps members service, new relationships with county media instructors and organizations have been created. Pre-existing relationships have been strengthened. Engagement with youth media makers has increased dramatically. Access Humboldt (AH) has contracted with a youth media instructor to work directly with students at the Community Media Center. (AH is located on a high school campus.) VISTA raised awareness on campus of the media resources available to students. VISTA built upon, strengthened, partnerships between AH and other community programs. These collaborations are key to sustainable programs. Still to be developed, a funding model for cash-strapped institutions.

The Corps member was also key in creating an opportunity to collaborate with a community radio partner arose with the passage of the Local Community Radio Act. Together with KMUD-FM, AH hosted Community Radio Day, a gathering of community radio leaders from around the county to share information and brainstorm future collaborations. Community members had an opportunity to participate in a Community Journalism workshop. VISTA developed two new social media tools for AH, a Miro website and a Twitter account. VISTA also revitalized an existing YouTube page. The goal of these activities was to attract more youth to AH programs.

Transmission Project