Boat People SOS - Atlanta, GA

Doraville, GA

We are a national Vietnamese-American community-based organization with the mission to “empower, organize, and equip Vietnamese individuals and communities in their pursuit of liberty and dignity.”

Since 1980, one in 10 Vietnamese Americans has received assistance from BPSOS while still in Vietnam, on the high seas, in a refugee camp, or after arriving in the United States.

Through our 18 office locations in the U.S. and four office locations in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, we provide a web of services to support individuals, families, and communities.

Supported Projects

CTC Program Building

Quy Anh Luc

Goal 1: Assist in setting up one new CTC in Atlanta.
Goal 2: After-School Services
Goal 3: Citizenship Training/ESL
Goal 4: Human Services.

Our CTC classes ended with a great joy. Four of our citizenship students passed the test while two failed, and five students are waiting for their appointment. However with very limit number of computers and Internet, we were able to put together a fun computer class for all 20 adult students. These 20 students are now ready to type letter using Microsoft Word. Using all the skills they learned they are able to create letters, resumes, tables, and flyers. Only few of the older students are having problems remembering basic skills such as opening and saving files in Microsoft Word. Although most of the computers in the center are old, we were able to have at least 3 computers with Internet access. With great help from our volunteers, one on one tutor is so effective in teaching Internet skills to these students. More than half of these students are now getting online chatting with relatives in Vietnam and setting up email accounts. All of the ESL students are still shy to talk in English especially complete Standard English.

Transmission Project