Malden Access TV

Malden, MA

The mission of MATV is to provide the community with access to electronic media, training and channel time so that members have a forum to communicate their ideas, information, and concerns to the community-at-large. Through outreach and education, our goal is to foster the respectful free exchange of information, opinions, and interests of Malden community members.

Since the media center opened its doors in 1989, MATV has become a vibrant community center where people from all sectors of the city come together to express their opinions, share their knowledge, explore their cultures, reveal their talents and encourage citizen participation. MATV believes in freedom of speech, empowerment, diversity and encouraging public discourse that in turn, strengthens democracy and builds community through the use of media.

MATV is governed by a nine-member Board of Directors and it is through the hard work of those members, along with the staff and volunteers, that the mission of Malden Access Television is realized.

Our Services

Training workshops are provided for members in all aspects of video and computer-based media production. This includes the use of the digital camcorders, editing, studio production and the utilization of internet resources. A nominal fee is charged for basic, intermediate and advanced classes.
MATV also provides free access with membership to a wide range of equipment., from portable video equipment, editing suites and television studios to access to our web site and the Internet.
Programming time on the appropriate channel (Public, Education, or Government) is granted on a first come, first served basis for all video programs produced by community members or programs imported and sponsored by a community member.
There are special workshops for local youth, non-profit organizations and groups in the art of television production and computer use.
Free access and use of three community bulletin boards to publicize local events, share information or make general announcements.
Free Internet access and low cost computer classes at the Cyber Café @ Malden Square .
MATV Public Access Channel provides over 90 hours per week of local programming.
MATV Educational Access Channel cablecasts school-related messages; coverage of local school events; educational program produced by NASA, the Department of Education, and other educational entities; and Youth Channel productions created by members of our Teen Drop-in program, youth outreach programs, as well as the Kids Video Adventure Summer Workshop for youngsters ages 8 - 13.
MATV Government Access Channel shows announcements from the City of Malden, election information, public safety messages, coverage of local government meetings, as well as informational programming provided by elected officials on the local, state and national level.

Supported Projects

'Cyber Cafe' Volunteer Coordinator

Neil La Vita

Project Goals

• Increase the sustainability of the Café through the development of a systematic volunteer recruitment approach and support mechanisms (orientation, job descriptions, training, reward system, etc.), so that it will continue to grow and thrive as a key resource for low-income persons to develop skills and gain access to technology.

• Public and private sector resources will enable the project to continue after the VISTA member leaves. MATV/CTAC currently maintains a number of relationships with community agencies, volunteers, and businesses. MATV/CTAC will maintain any new relationships the VISTA member develops that support the long-term success of this project. This will include coordinating the VISTA member’s activities in relation to these groups’ programs and participation in the project.

Neil has developed and is now using a volunteer orientation & training guide. He has also recruited 15 new volunteers for facility coverage, mentoring, and instruction. Neil worked with 2 volunteers to work on an internal member database and developed a system for volunteer scheduling and retention.

Neil identified low-cost, effective volunteer rewards. Neil awarded gift certificates to some volunteers and incorporated Cyber Café volunteers into MATV volunteer appreciation party.

Neil also taught basic courses in order to assure coverage. He installed a database and instituted its use.

Neil has also worked with CATC members and MATV staff & volunteers to achieve his second goal.

Volunteer Coordinator and Program Producer

Ilirjan Qirici

Ilirjan (Liri) Qirici has completed his second year with MATV as part of the CTC VISTA Project. Whereas a good part of the first year involved finding ways to adapt the work environment to meet Liri’s physical needs so that he could develop to his full potential as a staff member, the second year was marked by Liri’s complete immersion in his daily worklife at MATV. Liri has made tremendous progress in his professional and personal goals and has contributed in great measure to the expansion of MATV’s volunteer and community programming capacity. It is not an understatement to say that Liri’s presence alone has attracted and inspired a great many volunteers to participate at MATV.

Project goals for both years are as follows:

Goal 1: Tutorial Production Instructor for MATV members/interns

Goal 2: Executive Producer of Community Show Malden Square

Goal 3: Producer/Director of Community Show “What Is…? “

Presently, Liri is in the midst of developing two critical projects that could have an impact on underserved populations in greater Boston and beyond. The Massachusetts State Association for the Deaf has been meeting regularly with Liri and other MATV staff to develop and train its members to begin production of a new TV program – Deaf Community News – a show to be produced by and for the deaf and hard of hearing community. Secondly, Liri is coordinating the staff and clients from Triangle, Inc. (a non-profit organization providing employment, residential and social services to people with disabilities) in the production of a monthly magazine TV show to be produced entirely by developmentally and physically disabled adults.

This past year, Liri has produced and directed a monthly program entitled What Is…? that focuses on medical illnesses, disabilities, and disease prevention. He has developed a crew of ten volunteers that handle all aspects of the production process. The program involves and promotes many local non-profit health-related organizations and medical institutions. This program won first prize in the “Talk Show” category at the Alliance for Community Media Northeast Region Video Festival in the fall of 2002. Liri will continue to produce this quality program in the coming year.

Liri’s work at the Cyber Café @ Malden Square has been as an ambassador of communications technology – teaching, nurturing, and challenging volunteers and patrons from all backgrounds to learn and utilize technology to improve their lives.

Liri is working with MATV to acquire additional assistive technology, in particular, voice-activated digital editing software that will increase his independence and productivity at MATV.

Note: Liri produced a segment of the Commonwealth Broadband Collaborative’s “First Tuesday” program that was cablecast throughout eastern Massachusetts and webcast on May 4, 2004 that covers his own VISTA work and can be seen by going to the project’s video archives at .

Liri has made tremendous progress in his professional and personal goals and has contributed in great measure to the expansion of MATV’s volunteer and community programming capacity. It is not an understatement to say that Liri’s presence alone has attracted and inspired a great many volunteers to participate at MATV.

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