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Computer Programs Implementation Coordinator

VISTA Name: 
Barbara Gavoni
Program Start: 
Program End: 
Project Description: 

Our goal is to move SCAT into the digital age without leaving behind anyone in the Somerville communities SCAT has been serving for over 25 years: at-risk youth, immigrant communities, low- and middle-income people and organizations who feel ignored by the “mainstream” media, and seniors looking for a way to make their voices and concerns heard.

VISTA responsibilities include

Planning and policy work:
Research how other public access stations have “crossed the digital divide” and implemented computer center programs, as well as programs related to the new digital video technologies, make recommendations to SCAT staff and Board of Directors, and help implement the plan, which would include the purchase of some equipment.

Collaboration on the development of messages and programming for the public access channel aimed at making people aware of the new resources and programs at SCAT; development of printed outreach material; personal outreach work, such as visiting service agencies, youth groups, community associations, etc., with a translator when necessary

Training Program:
Design and implementation of a creative program of training on the computer stations, especially related to the Internet and to the multimedia possibilities offered by the world wide web; collaboration with SCAT staff who work with the non-linear editing system in the design and implementation of new multimedia training courses; design and implementation of an advanced training program related to web site design, video streaming, etc.

Outreach and Web Development Specialist

VISTA Name: 
Christy Park
Program Start: 
Program End: 
Project Description: 

The VISTA worker at SCAT would spearhead the effort to more fully integrate web-based services into SCAT’s operations. For example, we would like to provide an interactive program schedule on the Website, and provide producers with the option to archive their programs on our website to allow for video-on-demand. The VISTA would also help us transition to wireless connections for all our office computers.

The VISTA would work with local non-profit organizations on outreach projects, both in video and on the Web. The VISTA would train staff and members in video and web design skills.

Project Outcome: 

Christy helped out with programing, including a monthly show called Talking About Somerville. She set up the lighting and manned (womanned) a camera and then edited the peice together putting titles and credits and music to it.

Christy attends local events around Boston interviewing and filming the community. She is currently working with one of our interns to start a show about the “issues” facing artists in somerville. She is hoping that anything from the cost of studio space to art education in public schools will be addressed. She has met with the host of another art show we do at SCAT to discuss the format of the show.

Christy is also teaching digital media courses to youth including a class on audio recording and garage band and a program called “Say Media!” where youth create music videos, PSAs, and documentaries.

Christy told us, “I have really enjoyed working with all of them. Some of them have really gotten into their projects and will stay several hours after the camp is through to finish up. they are pretty motivated (they should be, they get paid more than i do to teach, just to show up :) and they are producing some really neat youth media that will appear on our station.”

Somerville Community Access Television

Somerville, MA

Somerville Community Access Television is a leading public access media center that enables a vibrant and diverse community to express its creativity, explain its ideas, share its cultures, and foster the individual’s right to freedom of speech. SCAT supports and creates community-driven media through education, production resources, and distribution on cable television and the Web.

Portland Community Media

Portland, OR

Portland Community Media (PCM) is a nonprofit, public benefit organization dedicated to the production of local, non-commercial SmartAccess media developed and produced in the community, by the community and for the community.

Our mission is to promote broad participation in civic and cultural life by encouraging effective use and understanding of community media.

Since 1981, we have provided equipment and training courses for individuals and organizations to utilize cablecast and other forms of media distribution as a means of communication, civic involvement, artistic and cultural expression and community development.

PCM broadcasts locally produced television programming on six channels: Community Access Network (CAN 11), Metro East 21, Independent Television Network (ITN 22 and ITN 23), Pulse of Portland (POP 29) and CityNet 30.

Phillips Community Television/Intermedia Arts

Minneapolis, MN

Intermedia Arts is Minnesota’s premier multidisciplinary, multicultural organization. Our mission is to by a catalyst that builds understanding among people through art.

PCTV empowers young people to engage with their communities through learning, teaching and making media. For 15 year, PCTV has taught thousands of Minneapolis teens how to make their own TV shows, video diaries, photo essays, webpages and other media projects.

The PCTV crew creates a bi-weekly talk show called Our Turn, a online gallery featuring web design, photography and, creative writing called Mixed Visions, video essays, and other media products. These creative projects reflect public concerns and document work by youth in their neighborhoods. Participants of PCTV, and the schools they are selected from, demonstrate a strong commitment to community service and to engaging young people outside the classroom.

Through their involvement with PCTV, participants develop skills in media literacy, video production and design, including techniques in camera operation, sound, lighting, and editing. They also gain abilities in photography and web design and layout. Simultaneously, students begin strengthening community ties and educating others on important issues. By practicing what it means to be part of a media crew and how to fit in roles such as a director, producer, host, editor, and other operations youth find themselves filled with knowledge and skills enhancing their futures in media production.

Malden Access TV

Malden, MA

The mission of MATV is to provide the community with access to electronic media, training and channel time so that members have a forum to communicate their ideas, information, and concerns to the community-at-large. Through outreach and education, our goal is to foster the respectful free exchange of information, opinions, and interests of Malden community members.

Since the media center opened its doors in 1989, MATV has become a vibrant community center where people from all sectors of the city come together to express their opinions, share their knowledge, explore their cultures, reveal their talents and encourage citizen participation. MATV believes in freedom of speech, empowerment, diversity and encouraging public discourse that in turn, strengthens democracy and builds community through the use of media.

MATV is governed by a nine-member Board of Directors and it is through the hard work of those members, along with the staff and volunteers, that the mission of Malden Access Television is realized.

Our Services

Training workshops are provided for members in all aspects of video and computer-based media production. This includes the use of the digital camcorders, editing, studio production and the utilization of internet resources. A nominal fee is charged for basic, intermediate and advanced classes.
MATV also provides free access with membership to a wide range of equipment., from portable video equipment, editing suites and television studios to access to our web site and the Internet.
Programming time on the appropriate channel (Public, Education, or Government) is granted on a first come, first served basis for all video programs produced by community members or programs imported and sponsored by a community member.
There are special workshops for local youth, non-profit organizations and groups in the art of television production and computer use.
Free access and use of three community bulletin boards to publicize local events, share information or make general announcements.
Free Internet access and low cost computer classes at the Cyber Café @ Malden Square .
MATV Public Access Channel provides over 90 hours per week of local programming.
MATV Educational Access Channel cablecasts school-related messages; coverage of local school events; educational program produced by NASA, the Department of Education, and other educational entities; and Youth Channel productions created by members of our Teen Drop-in program, youth outreach programs, as well as the Kids Video Adventure Summer Workshop for youngsters ages 8 - 13.
MATV Government Access Channel shows announcements from the City of Malden, election information, public safety messages, coverage of local government meetings, as well as informational programming provided by elected officials on the local, state and national level.

Lowell Telecommunications Corporation

Lowell, MA

LTC fosters open access to information and communication technologies for the distribution of free ideas, community development and personal empowerment. The following core values guide LTC in its work:
Accessibility and Inclusion
We are dedicated to providing low-cost access to content creation resources and the knowledge to use them without discrimination and with respect for each individual.
Creative Expression and Intellectual Freedom
We promote the artistic and expressive use of communication technologies within a free-speech environment without editorial control.
Community Building through Collaboration
We ground our work in strong collaborations with local community-based organizations, municipal departments and educational entities (including Educational Channel 22). We leverage our organizational resources to build capacity for others and ourselves.
Diversity in All Its Forms
We respect our diverse, multicultural, and dynamic urban population and are dedicated to meeting its many community communication and information needs.
Innovation in the Field of Community Communications
We seek to be an innovator in the field of community communications as demonstrated by our programmatic activities, technology implementation, production methods and overall excellence.

Deproduction/Denver Open Media Foundation

Denver, CO

DOM is the culmination of the Open Media Foundation’s innovative 3-part vision for putting the power of the media in the hands of the community. Designed to ensure all communities have the media and technology resources they need to engage in local and global communications, DOM offers state-of-the-art video equipment, as well as media distribution via the Internet and our three community-programmed television channels.

Denver Open Media is not an independent entity, but a project supported by the Open Media Foundation, designed to be managed by the community. The Open Media Foundation is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit corporation dedicated to putting the power of media and technology in the hands of the people. In 2006, OMF modified its Board of Directors to permanently include two DOM member representatives.

Cambridge Community Television (CCTV)

Cambridge, MA

Cambridge Community Television is a public forum for all Cambridge residents, businesses and organizations. CCTV provides training and access to telecommunications technology so that all may become active participants in electronic media. CCTV strives to involve the diverse population of Cambridge as producers & viewers, and to strengthen its efforts through collaborations with a wide variety of community institutions.

Shires Media Partnership, Inc.

Bennington, VT

Through traditional radio broadcasting on WBTN-AM and through new media such as on-line streaming and the building of on-line community forums, the Shires Media Partnership, a non-profit 501 (c) (3), provides large-voice venues for ordinary citizens. Our programming consists of citizen voices, local news, local sports, music and New England professional sports. We serve Bennington and adjacent New York and Massachusetts communities.

The task of Shires Media is to provide the greater Bennington community with a voice for itself. The air space allotted to WBTN-AM by the Federal Communications Commission is seen by us as a community resource with the potential to express and enhance the lives of the people of the community. Through traditional radio broadcasting and through new media such as on-line streaming and the building of on-line community forums, the Shires Media Partnership provides large-voice venues for ordinary citizens.

We presently have radio programs featuring the voice of the local job service, health care shows, and we provide free air time to a variety of government organizations relating to education, employment and labor issues, and local governance On a regular basis, we instruct listeners to dial 2-1-1 for help in life situations (see

As well as providing a constant stream of air time to local NGOs and national NGOs to promote various anti-poverty and employment or employment-training programs, Shires Media Partnership helps to ensure that messages from such organizations get disseminated as widely as possible in ways that even the poorest of citizens can access thus helping to bridge the digital divide.

We also provide outreach to local schools, thus assuring that students from all socio-economic backgrounds develop media literacy (see North Bennington Graded Schools Radio Station).

Transmission Project