Parents, Let's Unite for Kids

Billings, MT

PLUK is a private, nonprofit organization formed in 1984 by parents of children with special needs in the state of Montana for the purpose of information, support, training and assistance to aid their children at home, school and as adults.

We become as well informed as possible about best practices in the fields of education, medicine, the law, human services, rehabilitation and technology so that we can insure that our family members and friends with disabilities have access to high quality services.

We willingly share information and emotional support with each other so that together we are stronger in our efforts to meet the challenges of disabilities and illnesses.

Supported Projects

CTC Program Building

Brenda Jackson

Brenda Jackson began her work as a VISTA volunteer with PLUK in June of 2002. Her principal goal has been to further develop the technology center programs, outreach to other community organizations and sustainability. We’ve come a long way and then some with Brenda’s assistance. The centerpiece has been funding for a state-wide tutoring program for at-risk children which is headquartered within the technology center. Brenda was a participant in an eight-month program for training collaborative teams around the state to evaluate technology needs for individuals with disabilities. We continue to benefit from her efforts by being awarded a Beaumont Foundation Grant she had written for a mobile lab to be used for training.

Brenda made great steps in developing the programs of the technology center. These steps include: increasing the number of support volunteers for all programs, reaching out to other organizations that are trying to develop technology centers within their communities, researching funding options, applying for funding to ensure sustainability, developing a marketing plan for public awareness, presenting to groups, organizing training events in the center, and slowly increasing the quantity and quality of the programs in the center along with developing the infrastructure.

Project Accomplishments:
• 2 presentations on Web accessibility
• sent out electronic info to 100 people;
• 1 presentation on educational technology;
• organized a tutor program for 20 kids;
• organized ScienceQuest program for 10 kids (created collaboration with four organizations and designed a Web page about the program (;
• made contact with two other organizations, lining up space, computers, and program materials for satellite CTCs if funded, and wrote the grant for funding;
• currently working on establishing an education program for educators, paraprofessionals, and parents on assistive technology tools that are available.
• developing a catalogue of in-house resource materials;
• designing a flier for the assistive technology lab, revamping existing materials,
• designing a Web site for the assistive technology lab as part of the VISTA project.
• participated in the Montana Collaborative Empowerment Project
• participated in a Digital Media Workshop.
• designed web page for VISTA project (

Transmission Project