Newspaper Article: Calling Home and Losing Minutes


VISTA member Kris Rios serving at People’s Production House in New York, NY had a piece published in the Gotham Gazette (New York City News and Policy) about the difficulties and costs experienced by those trying to stay in touch with family and loved ones. This article discusses challenges people using calling cards faced, notes pending regulation and law changes, and provides consumer advice.

In addition to generic consumer protection websites like, the National Consumers League’s online fraud center, New Yorkers can turn to the New York City Department of Consumers Affairs. A spokesperson for department said that because telecommunications companies are regulated at the federal and state level, the city does not require calling card businesses to hold Department of Consumer Affairs licenses. Still, the agency does document and forward local complaints against calling card services to federal authorities. Consumers who think they have been scammed, they can file complaints by calling 311 or by going to the consumer affairs website website.

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