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Corps member Goda Trakumaite describes her Outreach Documentation Blog: “I keep a detailed record of every outreach event I do on this password protected blog accessible to the whole office. Along with some photos documenting the event and a reflection of how it went, who attended, what worked and what did not work, I upload all materials that were either used for or produced during the event. That way anyone can replicate a particular presentation while also making the changes that I might suggest making in the reflections. Despite what that bar on the right says, there are in fact categories - I separate all the posts according to what kind of events they were (screening, classroom visit, etc.). The goals of the blog are to keep track of boring but important stuff like numbers, to have a place to critically think about what happened and how I can better do what I’m doing, and to leave a record for anyone who attempts this job in the future so that their efforts don’t have to begin from scratch.”

Screenshot of blog attached.

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