CTC Outreach and Training

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Thomas Johnson
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The mission of DSSA’s Computer Learning Center is to connect the disconnected.

The role of each VISTA member is to move the computer learning center he or she manages toward a sustainable program that relies on volunteer resources in the community. The first step to a self-sustaining CLC is making the connection between our CLC and the neighbors of our CHA senior-disabled building. Historically, DSSA’s CLCs have been labor-intensive centers. The VISTA member will examine the success of other CLCs which are more self-sustaining and dependent on volunteer labor. The goal will be to move our CLC in the direction of sustainability.

1. Each member will use the designated space to create an inviting atmosphere for the CLC where residents and neighbors feel welcomed. Market the CLCL so that every resident of the CHA building visits at least once.

2. Outreach: Conduct presentations for community groups about our CLC.

3. Work with local schools to develop an afterschool program for the children who want to use the CLC

4. Develop a steering committee that meets monthly to establish goals and remove barriers related to participation in the CLC

5. Turn your CHA building’s CLC into a community center for the neighborhood. Expand programming beyond the simple use of computers to multi-media educational and one-shot activities.

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