Sydney, Australia,

Everyday we work with extraordinary people. We help them share their stories - stories about their communities, their histories and their environments. Some say it’s art. Others call it social justice. We like to think of it as innovation for everyone.

CuriousWorks’ mission is to subtly reshape the systems of cultural production in Australia, for the benefit of all Australians.

Our work is always about instigating a more diverse, more accessible, more surprising, more imaginative arts and media scene in our home country. We want creativity and innovation to be a part of every day life for all Australians.

We establish long-term, multi-faceted partnerships with those who are working towards the same goals.

We believe the arts and digital media can bring the stories of those in the margins into the centre of our society – for the long-term. However, we believe this must be done through a best-practice model that brings real, positive change to the people and communities that are involved in this process.

We do not document the stories of marginalised communities or engage in short-term programs with them. We work to empower their local cultural leaders to use digital media to represent their own people in their own ways, for the long-term. In doing so, we hope to slowly build empathy and social inclusion within and between these communities and well as those in the ‘mainstream’ of Australian society.

Through extensive, respectful collaboration, we also develop innovative creative initiatives for the stage and screen that give prominence to Australia’s untold stories. The initiatives are multi-platform, in public spaces and aimed at fostering public dialogue around contemporary Australian issues.

Based in Sydney, Australia, our work will always possess the characteristics of the country that inspires it: intercultural, interdisciplinary and clearly challenging its status quo.

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