Community Technology Network of the Bay Area & Citizens Housing Corporation

San francisco, CA

Community Technology Network creates opportunities for people to learn 21st-century skills.

Despite an overall increase in Internet and computer access in 2009, only about 62% of those with incomes of under $25,000 have a computer at home, and disproportionate numbers of these individuals without access are elderly or Latino. This digital divide impacts a person’s ability to apply for jobs, access valuable community information, network with others and have the skills needed to maintain a job in today’s work places.

Community Technology Network (CTN) works to bridge the digital divide through programs that support and enhance digital literacy in the Bay Area’s most vulnerable neighborhoods.

CTN initiates and manages partnerships with organizations that have computer centers to equip low-income San Francisco Bay Area residents with the technological tools and resources they need to explore educational, professional and social opportunities in and beyond their communities.

CTN facilitates interaction and support between community technology leaders and practitioners to leverage, develop, and improve upon curricula and services. In this communal work flow, practitioners develop innovative resources, explore ideas, and disseminate information directly to colleagues. CTN collects this valuable information and shares it with community technology practitioners throughout the world.

Supported Projects

CTC Technician and Program Builder

Brandi Day

Brandi has been working with CompuMentor and Citizens Housing Corporation for six months. In that time she has provided logistical and planning support, managing a number of CTN workshops including YouthLearn, Writing Great Grant Proposals, Amazing Success Stories, and Youth Media: Digital Storytelling & Animation. Brandi has also been actively involved in the Community Technology Network Steering Committee as a member and secretary. In this role, she has been responsible for keeping members informed about upcoming events and meetings as well as dissemination of meeting minutes and materials. In addition, Brandi has maintained the CTN Bay Area website at She has overseen the redesign of the website with volunteers from OPNet’s web design students. In her work as computer technician and consultant at Citizens Housing Corporation she has set up and maintained two computer labs in low-income housing units.

Transmission Project