Tri-City Community Action Program, Inc.

Malden, MA

The primary mission of Tri-CAP, Inc. is to work with all sectors of the community to prevent continuation and development of conditions which cause poverty or come as a result of people living in poverty. Tri-CAP seeks to educate public and policy makers regarding the causes and conditions which stem from, create and perpetuate poverty. Tri-CAP will advocate for and provide services, which create positive, measurable changes in the quality of life of low-income people living in Malden, Medford, and Everett, and other local communities. The agency recognizes and encourages the active participation of the low-income community in all phases of program planning and implementation.

Supported Projects

Cyber Cafe Program Building

Bill Martin

The VISTA member was directed to provide additional resources for our online resource listing, expand the Cyber Cafe Mentor program and coordinate its offshoot, the Gateway Program (for people coming out of homelessness) through recruitment and training of volunteers, continue existing collaborations with internal and external organizations serving our population, and, if possible, expand the list of organizations with which we can collaborate (expand our list of possible collaborations; we would do the followup).

The VISTA was active in having the Cyber Café become a full VITA(Volunteer Income Tax Assistant) site, successfully passing an IRS review. The VISTA was helpful in finding and bringing together resources for users of the Cyber Café and developing our educational resources.

Transmission Project