neighborhood development

Occupational Training Services Inc./San Diego Community Housing Corporation

San Diego, CA

For over 30 years, OTS, an accredited institution, has had a long standing tradition of helping people get a fresh start - a start towards the completion of short-term career training, a better job, a better and more enriching life.

Our clients come from all walks of life, age groups, and educational and occupational backgrounds. What they share is a desire to improve themselves through learning new skills. Whatever your motivation and goals, OTS is here to serve you.

San Diego Community Housing Corporation (SDCHC) is a housing and community development organization recognized for developing, preserving, and maintaining quality housing developments that support individuals, families, and neighborhoods in reaching their fullest potential. SDCHC’s mission is to: increase, preserve, and improve quality, affordable housing opportunities for working families.

SDCHC currently operates 6 Family Learning Opportunity Centers (FLOCs) located throughout San Diego County. These Learning Centers provide a variety of supportive service programs to over 3,000 families of affordable apartment communities as well as surrounding areas. The FLOCs are located on-site at the complexes with core programs in: Workforce Development, Educational Enrichment, Computer and Financial Literacy.

New Orleans Neighborhoods Partnership Network

New Orleans, LA

The Neighborhoods Partnership Network (NPN) is a nonprofit, 501c3 organization consisting of a citywide network of neighborhoods that was established after the Hurricane Katrina disaster to facilitate neighborhood collaboration, increase access to government and information, and strengthen the voices of individuals and communities across New Orleans.

The disasters revealed significant weakness in many structures Americans took for granted – physical structures such levees & hospitals, but also governing and social structures from FEMA to state and local entities. Citizens have had to become their own “first responders” – from rescuing their neighbors to rescuing their neighborhoods. NPN is one such organization born from both the failures and opportunities the catastrophe has provided.

NPN realized that a need existed for a citywide framework to assist communities in maximizing the use of limited resources and information while providing connections to other communities that have similar obstacles so that communities can avoid duplicating efforts and work toward shared goals. The infrastructure of this organization answers New Orleanians’ desires to be involved in the formal decision-making processes that impact quality of life issues for citizens and neighborhoods.

NPN’s mission is to improve the quality of life by engaging New Orleanians in neighborhood revitalization and civic processes. NPN consists of a board of community leaders reflective of neighborhoods throughout the city and a diverse staff immersed in coalition building, public and government relations. NPN envisions a New Orleans where all neighborhoods are great places to live.

Madison Park Development Corporation

Roxbury, MA

Founded in 1966, Madison Park Development Corporation is one of the nation’s first community-based, non-profit organizations to independently develop affordable housing for low and moderate income residents. MPDC created a model of resident-led community development, and has evolved to become a comprehensive agency promoting the full revitalization and redevelopment of Roxbury. With resident leadership, MPDC has undertaken numerous programs to address the social and economic needs of the community and has endeavored to link all of its efforts into a sustainable, holistic approach to revitalizing our target area.

Despite the successes we have achieved over the last four decades, the work of revitalizing Roxbury is not complete. MPDC strongly believes in community partnerships because we want to build, and be members of, a strong and healthy community. We embrace partnerships that strengthen each other’s organizations and institutions. We know through collaboration we can build power and harness our collective capacity to advocate for change.

Inquilinos Boricuas en Acción (IBA)

Boston, MA

Inquilinos Boricuas en Acción (IBA) is a dynamic community building agency dedicated to increasing the social and economic power of individuals and families through education, economic development, technology and arts programming that builds safe, vibrant and culturally diverse affordable housing communities.

Fenway CDC Boston

Boston, MA

Fenway CDC is a membership organization that works to achieve greater residential stability and diversity in the Fenway neighborhood. We engage residents in community planning, develop affordable housing, and advocate for community services primarily aimed at meeting the needs of low- and moderate-income residents. We envision the Fenway as an urban village - a model of smart growth and sustainability where both residential and institutional neighbors thrive. Toward this end, we seek to capitalize on the opportunities and address the challenges arising from the Fenway’s unique concentration of world-renowned institutions, which are important drivers of the regional economy.

Downtown Jackson CDC

Jackson, TN

The mission of Jackson Downtown Development Corporation (JDDC) is to increase property values, recruit quality business and upscale residential, create new investment and promote the arts and cultural enrichment in downtown Jackson.
Our goal is to improve the quality of life for Jacksonians by strengthening the pulse of downtown through concentrated efforts in organization, promotion, design and economic restructuring with a historic preservation focus.

The primary role of JDDC is to provide a comprehensive approach to the revitalization and promotion of historic downtown. JDDC supports downtown events and happenings, as well as providing printed and email media, to ensure that exposure to downtown is ongoing.

Allston Brighton CDC

Allston, MA

Allston Brighton Community Development Corporation engages neighborhood residents in an on-going process of shaping and carrying out a common vision of a diverse and stable community in the face of sustained economic pressures.

That vision is evident in community-led projects that protect and create affordable housing, create greenspace, foster a healthy local economy, provide avenues for economic self-sufficiency, and increase understanding among and between our neighborhood’s diverse residents.

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