Inquilinos Boricuas en Acción (IBA)

Boston, MA

Inquilinos Boricuas en Acción (IBA) is a dynamic community building agency dedicated to increasing the social and economic power of individuals and families through education, economic development, technology and arts programming that builds safe, vibrant and culturally diverse affordable housing communities.

Fenway CDC Boston

Boston, MA

Fenway CDC is a membership organization that works to achieve greater residential stability and diversity in the Fenway neighborhood. We engage residents in community planning, develop affordable housing, and advocate for community services primarily aimed at meeting the needs of low- and moderate-income residents. We envision the Fenway as an urban village - a model of smart growth and sustainability where both residential and institutional neighbors thrive. Toward this end, we seek to capitalize on the opportunities and address the challenges arising from the Fenway’s unique concentration of world-renowned institutions, which are important drivers of the regional economy.

EmPOWERment, Inc (for Pa'lante Inc.)

Chapel Hill, NC

EmPOWERment, Inc. is people empowering people and communities to control their own destinies through affordable housing, advocacy, community organizing and grassroots economic development.

Since 1996, EmPOWERment, Inc. has aggressively promoted a new model of community development that is focused on making real impacts in people’s lives while helping neighborhoods organize for greater self- determination.

EmPOWERment, Inc. is a HUD-certified housing counseling agency.

Downtown Jackson CDC

Jackson, TN

The mission of Jackson Downtown Development Corporation (JDDC) is to increase property values, recruit quality business and upscale residential, create new investment and promote the arts and cultural enrichment in downtown Jackson.
Our goal is to improve the quality of life for Jacksonians by strengthening the pulse of downtown through concentrated efforts in organization, promotion, design and economic restructuring with a historic preservation focus.

The primary role of JDDC is to provide a comprehensive approach to the revitalization and promotion of historic downtown. JDDC supports downtown events and happenings, as well as providing printed and email media, to ensure that exposure to downtown is ongoing.

Dorchester Bay EDC

Dorchester, MA

Dorchester Bay Economic Development Corporation acts to build a strong, thriving, and diverse community in Boston’s north Dorchester neighborhoods. Working closely with neighborhood residents and partners, we access resources to:

Develop and preserve affordable home ownership and rental housing,
Create and sustain commercial and economic development opportunities, and
Build community power through organizing and leadership development.

Citizens Committee for New York City

New York, NY

Citizens Committee for New York City stimulates and supports self-help and civic action to improve the quality of life in New York City and its neighborhoods.

We believe that residents are uniquely situated to define and act on the issues affecting their communities. When provided with modest support, resident-led volunteer groups can effectively mobilize community resources to improve quality of life. Citizens Committee supports their efforts by offering workshops, grants, training, networking events, helpful publications, a lending library, a meeting space and one-on-one assistance. We currently support over 127 resident-led efforts in all of the five boroughs.

Citizens Committee was founded in 1975 by Osborn Elliott and Jacob Javits to encourage ordinary New Yorkers to volunteer to fill the gaps left by the city’s cutbacks during fiscal crisis. Today, this spirit of volunteerism and local engagement still drives our work.

We are fortunate to live in a city where people feel connected to their neighborhoods and genuinely want to make a difference, but volunteers can’t do it all alone, and that’s where Citizens Committee for New York City and our supporters make the crucial difference.

Historic East Baltimore Community Action Coalition, Inc.

Baltimore, MD

The Historic East Baltimore Community Action Coalition, Inc., (HEBCAC) is a nonprofit community development organization founded in 1994 by Johns Hopkins University, city and state officials and area residents. Its mission is to work with residents and other stakeholders to improve neighborhoods in a 220-block area of East Baltimore. Since its founding HEBCAC has implemented a series of programs that address both the physical infrastructure and human capital issues faced by residents of the neighborhoods within which it works.

HEBCAC programs serve out-of school youth, people with drug addiction and local economic development. It provides community organizing activities. HEBCAC converts vacant warehouses into space for nonprofits and community use. HEBCAC sponsors EBTRC, a computer refurbishing and training center. Local residents learn to refurbish systems, use software and can earn a free computer. Refurbished computers go to schools around the state. Systems are sold through EBTRC’s retail outlet. Store profits subsidize free training and community adoption programs.

In 2008, HEBCAC and the Center for Community Technology Services began the L@TCH program to help city school families get home computers to support their child’s academics.

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