CTC Program Building

Boat People SOS - Virginia
VISTA Name: 
James Nguyen
Program Start: 
Program End: 
Project Description: 

Goal 1: Provide basic computer skills to target population.
a. Set up CTC in Hampton.
b. Recruit and train 2 ESL and computer instructors.
c. Enroll 5 students for ESL class and 5 students for computer class.
d. Set up local Steering Committee for the implementation of BPSOS programs.
e. Organize workshops on life skills and community needs.

Goal 2: Provide ESL for target population.
a. 4 students will complete the 3-month computer class.
b. Set up after-school activities for youth at CTC.

Goal 3: Human Services.
a. Start citizenship classes.
b. Recruit students for citizenship classes.
c. Help students apply for naturalization, fee waiver, and disability waiver.

Goal 4: Vietnamese-language newspaper.
a. Survey local human services.
b. Organization workshops on human services.
c. Set up a referral service with interpretation and translation to persons with limited English proficiency.
d. Publish a Vietnamese language newsletter covering human services.
e. Train volunteers to help with outreach activities.

Project Outcome: 

When James first joined Boat People S.O.S. (BPSOS) as an AmeriCorps*VISTA Member he was assigned multiple tasks as set forth in his AmeriCorps*VISTA Member Assignment Description. He was able to successfully complete the objectives of Goal 1 for Quarter 1. However, he was not able to complete Objective 2a, to implement an ESL class at the House for Senior Citizens at the Lockwood/Elmwood in Arlington, Virginia for two reasons. First, the occupants did not feel the ESL class was necessary (they were only interested in learning about the Internet and computers). Second, James was not able to recruit a volunteer to teach the class. He did successfully complete Objectives 2b and 2c.

For Quarter 3, James assisted a BPSOS staff in setting up new program for Victims of Trafficking. He worked on this program for approximately one month and then he assisted another staff member with the Tax Assistance for Vietnamese Immigrants with Low Income (TAVILLI) program. From January 1 through April 23, he organized tax preparation sessions 3 days a week, 2 hours each session. He recruited volunteers and established a database containing names of volunteers that may help with future tax clinics. He went out in the Vietnamese community and distributed 800 flyers advertising free tax preparation. He enrolled 300 individuals for tax preparation, and kept a database of those individuals. When he enrolled the individuals for tax preparation, he gave out a needs assessment/opinion survey for them to complete. This survey informed individuals about programs available at BPSOS (computer, ESL and etc…).

Unfortunately, he was unable to complete the objectives as stated in Quarter 4 before the end of his one-year service because the first issue of BPSOS Mach Song was not published until July 2002. However, he did update BPSOS newsletter database. This database contains names of past and current BPSOS clients as well as others who want to receive the newsletter in the mail. Articles written in the newsletter highlight human-interest stories as well as provide information of services available to individuals.

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