CTC Program Building

Friends of Tyler School
VISTA Name: 
Charlena Barnes
Program Start: 
Program End: 
Project Description: 

Goal 1: Maintain, organize and upgrade out CTC through developing an inventory system and updating our website.

Goal 2: Provide opportunities for FOTS students to use the FOTS computer center to improve typing and word processing skills and to learn to use the Internet by researching and implementing successful teaching tools for use at CTCs.

Goal 3: Implement an after-school computer literacy program

Goal 4: Train FOTS Teachers, Tutors and Parent To More effectively Use Educational Software to Enhance Student Academic Achievement

Goal 5: Develop public and private sector resources that will enable the project to continue after the Members leave.

Project Outcome: 

Charlena helped to launched the new website in September 2002. It has been extremely helpful with fundraising and the recruitment of volunteers. Microsoft Access was used to create databases to track software, hardware, community and technology contacts, and student, tutor, and parent contacts. Each database has easy-to-use interfaces to update information.

Charlena created FOTS curricular resource binders based off of resources from Byte Back, SeniorNet, Triangle Coalition, Digital Newsroom, and a host of web-based programs. As a result, the FOTS curriculum is a pool of resources that can be manipulated and adapted to student need and class environment. Future VISTAS can rely on the curriculum binders and documented resources to create future classes.

Charlena assisted in keeping the computer center operated on a five-day week schedule. Basic computer literacy skills were addressed in computer classes and Open Lab. In the spring of 2003, classes concentrated on more advanced topics such as Lego robotics, Photoshop, spreadsheets, and web page design.

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