Regional Coordinator

CTC Net New England
VISTA Name: 
Adam Cohen
Program Start: 
Program End: 
Project Description: 

• Assist NE affiliates in the process to apply as an official chapter of CTCNet
• Design and implement a membership structure for the Chapter
• Work with chapter affiliates to design and implement a fundraising and development strategy for the region
• Organize and coordinate chapter meetings and training events
• Create a peer assistance program
• Map tech resources and programs within the Chapter’s geographical scope and create distribution outlets for this information
• Conduct outreach activities to bring new organizations to the chapter and CTCNet national
• Network and provide linkages between affiliates and other affiliates, private sector, government, and other organizations
• Work with CTCNet national office to assist in any activities that will benefit Chapter affiliates

Project Outcome: 

Has met with various CTCs, has created an online newsletter to keep folks informed. Has contributed to regional / national endeavors such as CBC, ComTech Review, etc. This work continued to be outstanding in its contribution.

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