What is an Artifact?

It’s difficult sometimes to find a best practice. Instead, the Transmission Project seeks out examples of Honest Practice from the partners we work with and support. These intermediary and process documents probably won’t give you the answer you seek, but we hope they provide you with examples, building blocks and inspiration to help you develop your own individual practice.

Online Safety Curriculum


A curriculum including workshops, handouts, syllabus, quizes and vocabulary lists on the subject of Online Safety developed by corps member Melissa Niiya.

Facebook Safety Handout


As part of a curriculum about using facebook corps member Melissa Niiya developed a workshop about how to stay safe on facebook.

Internet Shopping Curriculum


A curriculum including a syllabus, handouts, quizes and instructor guide on the topic of Internet shopping developed by corps member Melissa Niiya.

Internet Radio Brochure


A brochure for Konza Internet Radio created by corps member Megan Andrews.

Back to the Source, a Report on Crowdsourcing Community Feedback


With this report, the Transmission Project attempts to carve out a space for its values in the realm of online crowdsourcing. Drawing on interviews with leaders at community-based organizations and foundations including MassHousing, the Knight Foundation, and the Maine Health Access Foundation, we review several funders’ approaches to gathering wider feedback on grant applications and construct a framework that serves as a guide for future practices and as the foundation for a more inclusive crowdsourcing tool.

Program and Poster for Dessert Tasting Fundraiser


Poster and Program Pamphlet for a Dessert Tasting Fundraiser by corps member Molly Higgins.

DIY Video Curriculum, Outreach List and Tickets


A DIY Video workshop curriculum, outreach list and ticket images all created by corps member Tiffany Otoya.

An example video from students who went through this class: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZklClZjMlA

Stop motion Animation Curriculum and Workshop


Stop Motion Animation Curriculum for a workshop put on at Little Tokyo Service Center created by corps member Tiffany Otoya.

Nikon Camera Donation Request Letter


A letter of request to Nikon for 10 cameras for digital and media literacy classes written by corps member Tiffany Otoya.

Telethon Donation Form


A telethon donation form created by corps member Erica Jones.

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