What is an Artifact?

It’s difficult sometimes to find a best practice. Instead, the Transmission Project seeks out examples of Honest Practice from the partners we work with and support. These intermediary and process documents probably won’t give you the answer you seek, but we hope they provide you with examples, building blocks and inspiration to help you develop your own individual practice.

How to Write a Press Release

WERU-FM Community Radio

A guide to writing Press Releases for community radio station WERU-FM by corps member Meaghan LaSala.

Instructional Video on how to become a program host on Konza Internet Radio


An instructional video showing how easy it is to become a program host on Konza Internet Radio created (and featuring) corps member Megan Andrews.

View her video on facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=956493048271&oid=134500016601814&comments

LPFM Station Survey

Prometheus Radio Project

Corps member Katie Ingersoll at Prometheus Radio Project is surveying LPFM stations throughout the nation to collect information about their unique programming, how they manage their station, and their finances. The data will be added to the Community Media Database project to act as a resource to stations and future LPFM applicants, allowing them to locate and contact other stations, and see information about how other stations function.

Katie made the survey and will be heading up outreach to stations to drive participation.

Digital Storytelling Resource Guide


A resource guide developed by Digital Arts Service Corps VISTA Leader Erica Jones and 4 other VISTA Leaders to highlight the importance of telling the VISTA Leader Story, the basics of storytelling, and the tools available to create and tell a story.

They also collected VISTA Leaders stories and included them in a video for further illustrating concepts around digital storytelling: http://www.youtube.com/ejquoteunquote#p/u

Honest Practice: How the Public Sector Can Look at Itself


An article about the pitfalls of subscribing to so-called best practices. An alternative is offered in the form of Honest Practice: a narrative approach to evaluation that contests the copy-and-paste mentality that plagues our field.

Written by Howie Fisher with illustrations and design by Billy Brown

DIY Productions Website Mock-up


Website design by corps member Melissa Niiya for Little Tokyo Service Center’s initiative DIY Productions.

DIY Productions Web Mock-up

Digital Histories Video


Promotional video about Little Tokyo Center’s Digital History program to promote their new project DIY Productions made by corps member Melissa Niiya.

Computers in the Home Flyer


A flyer promoting a computers in the home program created by corps member Devon Smolca for her home computer initiative, L@TCH.

Audio Editing Tutorial with Audacity


An audio editing tutorial about the software Audacity made by corps member Brooke Brown-Saracino for her citizen journalism project.

Visit her tutorial online here: Audio Editing Tutorial

Recording and Interviewing Techniques PowerPoint


A PowerPoint about audio recording and interviewing techniques by corps member Brooke Brown-Saracino for her citizen journalism project.

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