What is an Artifact?

It’s difficult sometimes to find a best practice. Instead, the Transmission Project seeks out examples of Honest Practice from the partners we work with and support. These intermediary and process documents probably won’t give you the answer you seek, but we hope they provide you with examples, building blocks and inspiration to help you develop your own individual practice.

Promotional Products Website


Design and copy of a promotional products website for Grassroots.org by corps member Scott D’Antuono.


Volunteer Welcome CD


Corps member Billy Brown filmed, edited, and created an overview CD for the Community Center of St. Bernard. The CD has videos and essays to educate volunteers on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and how the Community Center is helping the area. Some of the videos can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/ccstb

Staff website and social media manual


How to maintain the new Southern Food and Beverage Museum Website and Social Networks

A “How-to” manual created by corps members Kelsey Parris for the Southern Food and Beverage Museum staff to maintain their website and social media.

Farmer-to-Farmer Moments


A total of six Farmer-to-Farmer Moments filmed and edited by corps member John Dorman.

These short vignettes are from farmers in their own words, covering topics such as marketing and enterprise selection. The topics are Farm Financials, Crop Planning and Production, Enterprise Selection, Marketing, and Intro to Small Business. All of these videos are on-line at: http://vimeo.com/album/234810

Sample Media Deconstruction

Media Literacy Project

Two examples of media deconstruction written by corps member Candelario Vazquez.

LTSC Wireless Wiki


A wiki for LTSC’s affordable housing wifi system developed by corps member Melissa Niiya.


PHD Affordable Housing Development Wireless Request for Proposals


PHD Affordable Housing Development Wireless Request for Proposals developed by corps member Melissa Niiya.

Reno Apartments Wireless Plan


The plan for Reno Apartments Wireless Mesh Deployment by corps member Melissa Niiya.

WSLR Brochure


Corps member David Beaton did the concept, some of the writing, proofing, and photoshopping of this brochure for WSLR in Miami, FL.

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