Community Technology Coordinator

VISTA Name: 
Meghan Daniels
Program Start: 
Program End: 
Project Description: 

Community Technology Coordinator Capacity Development and Training responsibilities:

• Collaborate with neighborhood groups to develop a web presence on our site, focusing on groups that currently have no web presence.

• Manage and update resource content to ensure that neighborhoods have access to up-to-date neighborhood information

• Prepare workshops that enable neighborhoods to use web tools.

• Develop guidebook for website new profile users and train staff and community users to update their own content.

• Provide technical assistance to staff, volunteers, and NPN Members regarding website. Digital Media and Outreach

• Establish relationships with non-profit content writers.

• Improve and expand content partnerships between NPN and partner organizations.

• Edit and publish video vignettes of neighborhood groups for the Adopt-A-Neighborhood program.

• Outreach to university service departments to create profiles.

• Develop unique content in collaboration with Staff and Members * Recruiting volunteers that assist in creating content or new features.

• Serve as technology liaison to the community through public speaking and presentations.

• Develop and implement “The Trumpet magazine online” features.

• Design and Write Community E-Newsletters

• Write Press Releases Technology Improvement * Creating new program or content pages. * Improving or adjusting Website layout/functionality.

Project Outcome: 

Meghan Daniels accomplished the initial goals of creating a policy and system for training our members on the website, a posting policy for the E-Newsletter, as well as guides for our internal database.

What we were not able to accomplish was to increase the rate of postings by members who were trained to upload information on their profiles. While there was a general trend upward in the number of postings by members that received a web workshop, the frequency was not as high as we desired. Other challenges we were faced with involved programming issues with our developer, who had created the website on a proprietary system, thus making basic but essential adjustments a hassle.

Our organization has been able to leverage the success of Meghan Daniels’s work to secure funding for a part time assistant. Meghan’s guides, systems and policies have streamlined our communications platforms.

At the time of our proposed project, we were not aware that our office systems would make a transition to a Salesforce (CRM) database. Meghan Daniels helped vet the system and create user-friendly guides for incoming staff and volunteers. This has proven to be invaluable as it provides a quick and easy-to-use tutorial of the database.

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