CTC Volunteer Coordinator

VISTA Name: 
Julia Smith
Program Start: 
Program End: 
Project Description: 

The CTC/VISTA member’s duties centered around four main concerns of MCL’s CTLC: Coordination of volunteers and students, developing resources and documenting progress, and assisting with public relations and awareness.

Her coordination duties included: recruiting and screening of potential tech tutors and students for the CTC at MCL; matching tutors with students seeking 1:1 help and scheduling small group computer instruction; and overseeing instruction – checking with tutors and students to ensure all was progressing well and giving support where needed.

Development of resources included: creating and implementing a quality training process for tech tutors, implementing assessment tools to measure student’s progress; collecting and organizing curriculum and activity ideas for use in the CTC; and researching instruction options for special needs populations such as the disabled, limited English proficient, and low-literate adults.

The documentation of progress included developing and implementing systems to collect student and volunteer data, and collecting and reporting data to the CTLC Project Manager. The VISTA member was also asked to assist with the planning and execution of public relation activities, research best practices at similar CTLCs, research funding opportunities, and serve as a member of MCL’s Technology Committee.

Project Outcome: 

The VISTA member developed a system for registering & assessing potential students, and implemented an already existing system for screening and orienting volunteer tech tutors. She successfully scheduled, oversaw, and supported small group computer instruction throughout her year of service (65 students enrolled in various small groups), and also weekly managed drop-in labs for all students. She successfully recruited qualified & dedicated volunteer tech tutors. She screened, oriented and supported those tutors and organized regular roundtable and recognition events for them. She began collecting and organizing curriculum and activity ideas for use in the CTC and developed a syllabus and curriculum for limited English proficient, immigrant students. She completed a draft of MCL’s CTC Operation Manual. She collected and reported volunteer and student data. As part of our public relations efforts, she developed contacts in the community with the local radio station, local cable company, Senior Center, and Employment Security Office (Work Source).

Working with our Americorps member, the VISTA member produced a useful novice level curriculum for ESL students. This will enable our limited English proficient immigrant students to begin learning computer skills as they are learning English.

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