Online Community Network Implementation

VISTA Name: 
Ed Driscoll
Program Start: 
Program End: 
Project Description: 

The CTC VISTA member will contribute to the many tasks involved in the full launching of the on-line social network. This includes identification of needs and location of appropriate resources, development of appropriate tools for partners as determined by feedback from partner members, monitoring of various forum discussions and overall assisting with the efficient and effective launching and growth of the

Goal 1: Support the successful launch and integration/development of

Project Outcome: 

Ed was responsible for developing and delivering web based orientation training to many of our 2,000 plus partner organization in an effort to transition them into the new Cristina Network. This represented a significant shift in the Foundation’s first 25 years of operation and places a great deal more responsibility on the individual partner organizations. Consultations with partners was required to provide them with the information required to transition into the new system. Concurrent to the transition, it was important to maintain the day to day functioning of the Foundation so as not to lose the many partners who had been working with us throughout our history. To achieve this objective, we had to modify, or streamline our current operational model to maintain effectiveness. Ed was involved in all aspects of this process as he worked in close collaboration with the CEO of the organization, Dr. Bud Rizer.

Ed was keenly involved in our project with the Wharton school. In order for the Community Consultants to fully analyze our program they had to become familiar with all of our processes and operations. Ed was central in providing this information via webinar, phone, and through personal contacts.

Transmission Project