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Our Last Harvest

We regret to announce that this August, 2011 will mark the end of the Transmission Project’s main initiative, the Digital Arts Service Corps. The Corporation for National and Community Service has not renewed funding of our work. It is important to us that the knowledge and experience we have acquired over the past ten years be kept available for future reference. The following highlights of our work reflect our values and capture the strengths of our methodology. These points are the seeds of an idea.


  • We have built a Service Corps made up of individuals of all ages and backgrounds – both personal and professional.
  • We provide a support structure for Corps members to ensure they have the resources and security necessary to be an effective force at the organizations where they serve. This includes a wiki to help members navigate their year of service.
  • By making it easier to serve, we have introduced more talented leaders to the field of public and community media than it would see otherwise.


  • We help organizations design the most transformative projects possible with insight from a national advisory board of public media professionals; at the same time, we respect organizations’ need for autonomy by asking them what project would best contribute sustainable infrastructure, how they define success, and what they need to achieve it. Check out last year’s request for proposals.
  • Our perspective as practitioners in the field and as custodians of a movement makes us sympathetic to the unique needs of organizations and cognizant of what can be feasibly accomplished in the field today.
  • By spanning the gap between governments and grassroots movements, we give more organizations greater access to people who want to help.


  • With healthy criticality we encourage and actively create space for reflection on the honest practices we experience every day.
  • We share Corps members’ stories and the resources they develop in the hope that they will lead to better-informed, contextualized ideas and actions in the field.
  • We insist upon an expansive definition of media and a comprehensive understanding of the roles media and technology can play in bringing individuals and communities out of poverty. We therefore support a wide variety of organizations.


  • Our membership in national networks of media and arts organizations contributes to the success of each of our Corps members; the connectedness of Corps members in turn amplifies the benefits of their work beyond their individual communities.
  • Our connections to media policy reform advocates keep us informed regarding the ideological and political frames within which all our work happens.
  • We are and have always been part of big-picture national digital literacy and media justice initiatives, and our network of Corps volunteers overlap closely with the groups involved.
Transmission Project