CAMINOS Pathways Learning Center

San Francisco, CA

Located in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission District, CAMINOS enables low-income, Latina immigrants to create opportunities for self and economic improvement through access to technology. CAMINOS is a non-profit organization dedicated to using technology to improve the lives of Latina immigrants. By enabling unemployed or underemployed Latina, immigrant women move from manual or service labor to office and technology-based work, thus interrupting the cycle of poverty and social isolation affecting Latina immigrant women’s health and wellbeing.

CAMINOS works to ensure that low-income Latina immigrant women in the community can reap the benefits of the information revolution that is fundamentally changing our economic and social structure. Without programs such as ours, poor communities would miss the opportunity to be integrated into the technological era, further exacerbating existing equity problems.

Our programs work together to empower Latina immigrant women to build living-wage careers within the information and technology sector.dive

Supported Projects

CTC Program Building

Gregory Fleischer

Gregory Fleischer continues to develop and teach multimedia classes at CAMINOS. This semester we have expanded our multimedia opportunities to include animation (Macromedia’s Flash), Video Editing (Windows Movie Maker and Apple’s Quicktime) and interactive media (Macromedia’s Director).

Goal 1: To provide access to technology to the low-income Latino community.

Goal 2: To provide access to better job opportunities with living wages.

Goal 3: Public and private sector resources will enable the project to continue after the member leaves.

Gregory has designed an exciting new curriculum as well as a long-term multimedia plan for the school. Students truly enjoy and benefit from these classes and we look forward to building on this aspect of our program in the future. The students welcome the creative outlets these classes provide as a balance to the MS office applications and the technical computer repair classes we offer. As previously reported, this instruction has been given not only to students but to staff as well.

In the web design class students continue to work on non-profit site projects under Gregory’s advisory oversight. Several students are now independently building and maintaining websites for neighborhood non-profit organizations.

Gregory has almost completed the Spanish mirror of our bi-lingual website and he remains solely responsible for the web presence and staff accounts. He continues to work with staff and students in completing and maintaining CAMINOS’ website. (Please see

Transmission Project