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CTC Implementation and Program Building

Boat People SOS - Virginia
VISTA Name: 
Harold McNaron
Program Start: 
Program End: 
Project Description: 

I am currently a Community Technology Center (CTC) VISTA working at BPSOS’s national headquarters in Falls Church, Virginia. Thus, the primary goal for this year of service is to assist in the management of a Community Technology Center: a centrally-located space providing technological access to community members who would otherwise not have said access.

Goal 1: Set up and operate CTC
Goal 2: Provide computer skills/ English skills to target population.
Goal 3: Assist community groups in setting up CTCs.
Goal 4: Produce a video on BPSOS CTCs/Survivor Services Dept.
Goal 5: Make the FAIR program self-sufficient
Goal 6: Establish an after-school mentoring programs for youth.
Goal 7: Create webpage for volunteer recruitment and development.
Goal 8: Contribute to BPSOS’s Domestic Violence Program, Housing programs, and national website
Goal 9: Acquire a client base for BPSOS’s publishing company

Project Outcome: 

Between the months of September and December, I worked with my fellow VISTA, Co Kim Oanh, and my supervisor, Bach Pham, to reaffirm community contacts by recruiting volunteers, outreaching to prospective clients, and acquiring space for a CTC. While Bach worked with BPSOS’s IT guy to acquire computers, I focused on recruiting volunteers to teach a series of Computer Literacy/ESL classes to current BPSOS clients. Through websites and phone calls, we recruited a small group of 4-5 volunteers that agreed to teach ESL/Computer Literacy combo classes.

Transmission Project