What is an Artifact?

It’s difficult sometimes to find a best practice. Instead, the Transmission Project seeks out examples of Honest Practice from the partners we work with and support. These intermediary and process documents probably won’t give you the answer you seek, but we hope they provide you with examples, building blocks and inspiration to help you develop your own individual practice.

Non-Profit Guide to Planning and Running Events: Festivals, Concerts, Fundraisers, Art Shows and More


This comprehensive Event Planning Guide was created by VISTA members Stephen Fonzo and Nicole Pion at the Independent Media Center in Urbana, IL. It includes advice and tips for Setting the Date, Choosing a Venue/Location, Format, Promotion, Budget, Team & Staff, Catering & Entertainment, Networking, and Documentation.

Windows - Mac Translation Guide

Media Bridges Cincinnati

These “translation”-guide are designed for Windows users who have to use a Mac.

The first translates standard keyboard combinations for the odd-creature that is the Apple keyboard. This guide was designed by VISTA Stephen Loverme serving at HOME, Inc. in Boston, MA.

The second translates common visual cues from Windows to the Mac. For example, the Windows spinning hourglass is the same as the swirling rainbow on the Mac. This was created by VISTA Lauren Bratslavsky serving at Media Bridges Cincinnati.

Youth Video Contest Ad


This advertisement, created by Stephen Loverme serving at HOME, Inc. in Boston, is designed to get youth to create and edit a short video and upload it to Youtube

iGoogle Dashboard Example


Developed by VISTA Mary Chant, this is a screenshot of a Dashboard developed for MicroMentor in Portland, OR. Using the free service iGoogle, it puts online, social networking, listening, and sharing all together in one place to quickly update and review your web assets.

Marketing Plan and Target Market Analysis


This Marketing Plan and Target Market Analysis brings together internal and external data points analyze and strategize around funding, volunteers and service provisioning. It was developed by VISTA member Mary Chant at MicroMentor in Portland, OR.

Software Requirements and Testing Procedures


This technical material comes from VISTA Jack Waugh who helped design and develop a Content Management System for the Center for Technology Services at the University of Baltimore in Baltimore, MD. In Jack’s own words:

Newspaper Article: Calling Home and Losing Minutes


VISTA member Kris Rios serving at People’s Production House in New York, NY had a piece published in the Gotham Gazette (New York City News and Policy) about the difficulties and costs experienced by those trying to stay in touch with family and loved ones. This article discusses challenges people using calling cards faced, notes pending regulation and law changes, and provides consumer advice.

Basic Search Engine Optimization Techniques


This introductory guide to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) gives basic terminology, techniques tools and additional resources. This guide was created by VISTA Mary Chant at MicroMentor.

Twitter Guidelines/Policies


Guidelines and policies for staff members who are using the social networking tool Twitter. Created by VISTA Mary Chant at MicroMentor.

Magnetic Car Ad, HandyCapable Network


An example of how to promote your organization and its programs inexpensively: print up magnets to put on your cars. This inexpensive and portable strategy was developed by Nathan Badera at HandyCapable Network in Greensboro, NC.

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