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CTC Networking and Outreach

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Johanna Pabst
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The long range goal is to enhance the organizational capacity of community technology center staff. By developing our membership base and supplementing the services provided to those members, by providing on-site technical support and by expanding access to our national conference this AmeriCorps position will have a major impact on the low-income community where they are serving. By providing services to centers that create equitable access, these projects inherently expand access themselves. The by-product of this impact on low-income communities is an increase in the skilled workforce and a heightened sense of personal efficacy.

Goal 1: Expand local ties among member centers and increase organizational capacity to deliver in-person consultation and support.

Goal 2: Assist in creating a system of technology-related technical assistance support for CTCs in the Boston metropolitan area.

Goal 3: Conduct research, WWW design activities and email activities to maintain and expand delivery of services to member centers.

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