Youth Technology Training and Outreach

Plumas County Health Agency
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Daniel Ambrose
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VISTA activities include mentoring, training, and being a role model to youths. VISTA individuals with work collaboratively with partners to reach out to youths for activities.

The long range goals of our technology vision are that all citizens, no matter what socio-economic or academic background they come from, are entitled to access to technology.

Hyde Square Task Force, Inc.

Jamaica Plain, MA

Our mission is to develop the skills of youth and their families so that they are empowered to enhance their own lives and build a strong and vibrant urban community. All of our programs are developed by residents in response to community needs. Since its founding, the Hyde Square Task Force has developed on-going programs for youth and families that not only help them advance at school and in careers, but also help create positive relations and opportunities to take pride and action in our community.

Hyde Square Task Force youth are leaders within the organization and beyond, helping to diminish negative stereotypes of urban youth with their positive energy and dedication to improving their community. In each of our high-intensity youth teams, participants ages 14-21 receive specialized training and participate in 6-15 hours of community-building and youth development activities each week. Youth develop leadership skills through our core curriculum, while acting as instructors and role models for younger children in our elementary and middle school programs

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