CTC Evaluation and Networking

VISTA Name: 
Rodrigo Pacheco-McEvoy
Program Start: 
Program End: 
Project Description: 

The AmeriCorps*Vista will lead a commissioned survey of 150 CTCs in San Diego and take an active role in the centralization of the SDCTC as the regional organization for community technology in San Diego. The AmeriCorps*Vista also will revise and expand current bi-quarterly evaluation methods. The AmeriCorps*Vista will use the CTC survey data results to develop more opportunities for programming and resources sharing among San Diego area CTCs. The AmeriCorps*Vista’s crucial role will also be that of helping to faciliate more workshops and trainings focused on curriculum and resource sharing in collaboration with organizations and agencies involoved with community technology. The outcome will produce tranings and events that network San Diego area community technology centers, thus allowing more program development directed towards CTC staff and end-users.

Project Outcome: 

Rodrigo has done an outstanding job with providing statistical data in our FLOCs. He provided demographics by charting the number of children, racial breakdown, income levels, languages spoken, and interest in all OTS’ core program areas.

Our AmeriCorp*VISTA at OTS has conducted Art workshops in low-income apartment communities for disadvanted youth. If our Americorp*VISTA did not think beyond his workplan, these youth would not have been exposed to art in such a way that opened their minds. As a result the youth who have developed an appreciation for art. Our AmeriCorp*VISTA was also able to learn from our youth that everyone comes from various education and socio economic levels but we can work together.

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