VISTA Leader

VISTA Name: 
Jules Goins
Program Start: 
Project Outcome: 

Jules has been a superb VISTA Leader during his past year with the Transmission Project. Jules is innovative and he engages outside knowledge and experts to solve problems and bring in more diverse viewpoints and experience.

In his role as VISTA Leader, Jules managed an effective team of 26 VISTA members: he has encouraged group cooperation and participation and has consistently facilitated effective resource and knowledge sharing. During the year, he has moderated conference calls and worked one-on-one with VISTA members to ensure that their service is meaningful and effective. He has greatly expanded our library of IVSTA-created resources and has acted as an effective resource-librarian when members have voiced needs or challenges.

Beyond his VISTA Leader responsibilities, Jules has accepted broad responsibility for helping to build the capacity of the CTC VISTA Project. In this role, he took the lead in further developing our training and member development curriculum. In addition to the 12-part training series he designed and oversaw, he sought out 5 external trainers and facilitators to deliver training, Jules has been instrumental in enlarging the knowledge an ability of our VISTA members and will be leaving behind him a solid training foundation upon which to build for future years.

Jules has brought great skills, experience and understanding to the Transmission Project. We have greatly benefited by his service.

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