The Politics Online Conference

April 19, 2010 - April 20, 2010
Washington, DC

A number of people have been asking me lately, “what can I get out of the conference?” It’s a great question, with a simple answer. If you work in any sector of politics or advocacy, the Politics Online Conference is going to show you how technology and the internet is being used to raise money, build relationships, cultivate contacts, build organizations, increase communication, and much more. In short, the conference will show you how you can use technology to be more effective and more efficient.
If you already work with state of the art tools, the Politics Online Conference will bring you together with your peers in DC, and with some of the brightest minds from New York, California, Texas and more.
We have two main goals for this conference. First, bring in the nation’s brightest new media practitioners to show and teach conference participants how to use new media to better their organizations and their skills. And second, to bring in innovative people from outside the beltway to infuse new ideas into the realm of politics and technology.
In order to make it easy for you to figure out where you fit in, we organized the conference in tracks that can be viewed here.

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