*AccessU West*

January 11, 2011 - January 12, 2011
San Jose, CA

The digital divide includes the tech design divide that keeps people who are using assistive technology or who have disabilities from being able to use web sites, software and other tech tools.

If you agree, you should check out *AccessU West* - a web accessibility institute (previously CalWAC) *January 10-12, 2011* in San Jose, California. It’s being organized by Knowbility.org, that’s focused on helping people with disabilities get access to technology and tech-related education, as well as making education accessible through technology.

AccessU West offers classes on how to make electronic information technology accessible to everyone – including people with disabilities. This event is for web developers, web designers, IT Managers, IT policy
developers, IT administrators, programmers, anyone with IT
responsibilities, or IT students.

*This is a tremendous professional development opportunity for individuals, as well as a way for companies to demonstrate their commitment to usability and accessibility to customers!*

* Does your organization believe its web site should be accessible to ALL people?

* Is your company ready to comply with the pending expansion of the Americans with Disabilities Act that will ensure people with disabilities have full access to the Internet and television?

* Are you a developer or designer who wants to understand emerging best design practices for the web? Are you a web developer, web designer, IT manager, IT policy developer, IT administrator or programmer that wants to be even more attractive to potential employers?

* Do you want to build innovative AND accessible websites using cutting-edge CSS techniques?

* Do you want to learn how accessibility ties into your usability goals?

Attendees will engage with world renowned accessibility experts to improve design skills and to understand the both the need and the techniques for inclusive IT design – from the basics to the bleeding edge.

Attendees can choose one, two or three days of workshops. A Usability Track is available as well, as is a group discount for six or more people).

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