Gov 2.0 Summit

September 7, 2010 - September 8, 2010
Washington, DC

Gov 2.0 Summit brings together innovators from government and the private sector to highlight technology and ideas that can be applied to the nation’s great challenges. In areas as diverse as education, health care, energy, jobs, and financial reform, there are unique opportunities to rethink how government agencies perform their mission and serve our citizens. Social media, cloud computing, web, and mobile technologies—all provide new capabilities that government agencies are beginning to harness to achieve demonstrably better results at lower cost.

Happening September 7-8 at the Grand Hyatt Washington, Gov 2.0 Summit brings the latest in technology thinking and capabilities to Washington, with fresh voices, cutting edge demos, and thought-provoking conversations. We explore the implications of the latest technology for policy, for the design of government programs, and for the implementation of government technology strategy.

You’ll hear from industry giants like Cisco, IBM, Microsoft, and Google, as well as innovative startups like Palantir,, Slideshare, and more. You’ll also hear from leading government technology implementers and policymakers about their successes, the obstacles they face, and their plans for the future. Simply put, you’ll learn how the latest technology can transform the way you do your job and achieve your mission.

Our focus this year is on opening the door to innovation — learning about the latest technology and its application, and breaking down the barriers to its adoption.

Some of the issues you can expect to hear about at Gov 2.0 Summit are:

* The Power of Platforms
* Fueling the Innovation Economy
* Identity, Privacy, and Informed Consent
* Cost Savings and Doing More with Less
* Empowering Citizens
* Improving Government Effectiveness

The opportunity for you to request an invitation to attend this year’s event is now open. Last year’s event was sold out. Submit your request today and reserve your place in the discussion.

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