PRPD's 2010 Public Radio Programming Conference

September 23, 2010 - September 26, 2010
Denver, CO

In the tradition of PRPD Conferences past, this year’s gathering will also inspire. You will hear prominent public radio voices and those outside our industry not just explain where we are as an industry but where we are going and how to get there despite – or because of – the troubled economy.

This year’s program includes sessions designed to help PDs and content professionals not just survive but thrive in these changing times. Attend, and you will return to your station armed with new knowledge about:

programming on multiple platforms
marketing for program directors
making the most of social media
new paradigms for program creation
improving your management skills
on-air fundraising
and much more..

Pre-conference events include:

* Interviewing - Training The Trainers with David Candow
* The always popular PD Workshop with Scott Williams and Sheila Rue;
* Using Arbitron Portable People Meter data - (presented by RRC);
* Format meetings for news, jazz and classical station.

And, there’s the invaluable networking; colleague to colleague conversations that help solve problems, generate ideas and renew valuable connections.

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