art center

Bass Museum of Art

miami beach, FL

The Bass museum specializes in art from around the world from the Renaissance to modern art. Founded in 1963 by the City of Miami Beach from a private donation by art collectors John and Johanna Bass, the museum occupies the 1930s Miami Beach Public Library and Art Center. It is regarded as one of Miami’s best museums for ancient art alongside the Lowe Art Museum and the Wolfsonian-FIU Museum.

119 Gallery

Lowell, MA

119 Gallery promotes contemporary and new media art, innovative ideas and cutting-edge techniques with a rich and diverse program of exhibitions, performances and community-based arts services; and welcomes people of all ages, backgrounds and means to explore and experience new, innovative art.

Community Art Center, Inc.

Cambridge, MA

The Community Art Center is committed to our mission of nurturing children and young adults with limited access to financial resources so they achieve personal and cultural growth, and have a positive impact on their world through joyful experiences in the arts.

Through our 75 years in operation we have propelled close to 8000 Cambridge youth to develop themselves artistically, academically, and socially. We achieve this by providing a combined total of approximately 3000 program hours per year through two central programs: School Age Child Care (SACC) and the Teen Media Program (TMP).

The Art Center serves the public housing developments and the surrounding ‘Area 4’ neighborhood in Cambridge. Approximately 80% of housing development families live below the poverty level, with many receiving public assistance. Our 2 programs capture the creative spirit of children who without us would be “at home bored, doing nothing” or “on the streets.”

A School Age Child Care (SACC) Program, engages children, ages 5-12, in a hands-on arts-based curriculum year-round, operating after-school Mon-Fri 2:00-6:00 pm and all day weekdays during school vacations and summer.

The Teen Media Program (TMP), for youth 13-19, gives teens an opportunity to be heard by the larger public through the media arts. TMP offers seasonal Youth Media training and leadership facilitation. Partners include Boys and Girls Groups, Genuine Productions (a youth business venture) and Youth Advisory Board.

Squeaky Wheel

Buffalo, NY

To promote and support education, access, creation and exhibition of independent film, video and digital art.

Creativity and experimentation across multiple disciplines and technologies. We embrace experimentation and risk taking as essential to the creative process.
Media literacy, promoting hands-on media making and critical thinking about media messages. We empower the Buffalo community with opportunities for media arts education for youth and community members at every level of need or knowledge.
Community connections and collaborations, from local to international, as both a leader and a partner with artists, educators, schools and community groups.
Freedom of expression and diversity of voice through supporting artists, introducing audiences to the magic of independent media arts, and teaching community groups to integrate media as a tool of cultural and creative expression.

TechARTS is a free after-school computer art program for adolescent girls from neighborhoods affected by poverty. TechARTS partners w/ community groups to effectively reach girls from economically disadvantaged families to teach them essential computer skills in a playful and nurturing setting. The Buffalo Youth Media Institute is a free program, offering participating students an hourly stipend to produce social documentaries about Buffalo-related themes, ensuring that young people from poor families can participate without economic hardship. Channels – Stories from the Niagara Frontier helps publicize issues related to poverty by matching documentary filmmakers with grassroots initiatives to produce documentaries about economic, racial, and environment issues that promote social change. (Videos produced by Squeaky Wheel’s programs can be seen at Squeaky Wheel’s workshops are offered at low cost. Screenings and equipment rental is offered at very low cost as well.

Urbana Champaign Independent Media Center

Urbana, IL

In its tenth year, the Urbana Champaign Independent Media Center (UCIMC) is a grassroots organization committed to using media production and distribution as tools for promoting social and economic justice. The UCIMC fosters the creation and distribution of media, art, and narratives emphasizing underrepresented voices and perspectives, and promotes empowerment and expression through media and arts education. To this end, we own and operate a Community Media and Arts Center located in the historic post office building in downtown Urbana, Illinois. The Center includes a radio station, media production studios, a performance venue, art gallery, artist in residence studios, a library, public access computer labs, bike repair center, and meeting spaces. The UCIMC runs a 24/7 low power radio station, publishes a monthly newspaper, operates a daily website, and hosts numerous community listservs, all freely available to the community.

The UCIMC is strongly supported by and embedded in communities with little access mainstream media. The roots of poverty lay in a lack of access to participation in the decisions that affect one’s life, including the decisions about the allocation of resources and power. The UCIMC works to eradicate poverty through empowering residents to “become the media” - amplifying unheard voices, inspiring and uniting those who work for change, and helping to shift and reframe public discourse. For example, residents pressing for the clean up of a toxic waste site in their neighborhood used UCIMC-facilitated investigative journalism and organizing to get the city and EPA involved in cleaning the site.Over 44,000 free books have been shipped to Illinois prisoners through UCIMC’s Books to Prisoners program. The UCIMC is an official Community Technology Center in Illinois and is a key partner in our community’s NTIA application that was just awarded $22.5 million for broadband infrastructure.

Termite TV

Philadelphia, PA

Founded in 1992, Termite TV is a Philadelphia-based video collective whose mission is to facilitate the creation and distribution of alternative and activist media for Television and the internet. We work collaboratively with artists and communities to create multi-faceted and multi-voiced media which address social and cultural issues and aim to give voice to marginalized groups, to bring art into communities and to engage them in dialogue.

We support through grants and services, media makers who work to effect social change. We assist in sustaining their work.

Some of project goals are:

To increase access to new communication and information technologies.

To enable media makers access to tools to create work

To breakdown the digital divide, the gap between people with effective access to digital and information technology and those with very limited or no access at all.

To emphasize political change and increase political and social awareness and to raise awareness of the need for media literacy and a more public, democratic access to media.

Transmission Project