CTC Implementation and Support

Friends of Tyler School
VISTA Name: 
Benedict Tisa
Program Start: 
Program End: 
Project Description: 

The AmeriCorps*VISTA member will be responsible for the development of a FOTS community technology center to increase our capacity to help students, their families and other community adults to bridge the “digital divide.” In addition, the VISTA member and the new FOTS CTC will help FOTS to expand its capacity to implement its tutoring program and after-school classes that support the academic growth of our students.

- Assume responsibility as director of a small CTC
- Develop a digital and educational program
- Identify successful teaching tools at experienced CTCs and modify as needed to meet the needs of FOTS students
- Assist FOTS tutors, staff, students and adult family members to develop basic computer skills, including typing and word processing skills

Transmission Project